Monday, December 30, 2013

Galaxy Girl

Galaxy Girl from the Dial-H disc in the 30th Century. As Galaxy Girl, Lori got to kick some Time Trapper butt and help the Legion of Super Heroes.
So...kind of Thor meets Sailor Moon/Star Girl character.
I left the ugliest alias for last, guess which one it is?
I used the Rosette Nebula for the BG. It looks somewhat Cosmic.
My next Lori Morning alias would be the last and back on track with "Legion" characters again.
It may very well be next year, so have a Happy New Year everyone!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Fireball, another alias from the Dial-H device. Pony tail madness you could say.
I only have two aliases left and that would be the first time I've completed anything Legion related.
With Lori Morning's aliases out of the way I will be able to continue with another real Legionnaires as I had originally planed.
The BG, Cloud City bt Aksu. I modified it so it goes better with Fireball.
You can find more info about the character here:


Lori Morning becomes Slipstream when she uses the Dial-H device. 
There is also another character named Slipstream but it's a male character and from Marvel Comics. 
The BG Morning Tide Serenity by Grimdar, I've changed it slightly to pop out her silhouette better.
I'm very close from being done with Lori's aliases. I didn't thought they were so many.
Here is a helpful website with more info about her: 


Happy Holidays!!!
Chiller, one more alias from Lori Morning in the 30th Century. Four left and counting. 
At this point I'm kind of craving to create some other characters and take a break from Lori's aliases.
I'll play by ear on that one since I'm so close to be done...Regardless it's been fun and challenging to come up with her different alter egos from the Dial-H. Specially when reference was extra hard to find.
Have a happy new year everyone!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Star Spangled Lass

Star Spangled Lass or Star Spangled Girl, another alias of Lori Morning when she uses the Dial-H device.
One more down and five to go. I really would like to draw every single Legionnaire, it doesn't matter how long it takes or how many. That means also drawing all the aliases of Lori Morning. 
I got the reference for this one from a single panel I've found at  
This is the only reference I could find in the net for this character, I did my best. 
The BG is from I wanted something Light yet futuristic to bring her colors a little forward and separate her shapes from the BG. 
I hope you are all having a great Holiday Season by the way.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


When Lori Morning uses the Dial-H she becomes Plasma. As Plasma she was able to help the Legion. Lori gave the dial to Brainiac 5.1 so he could use it to stop the Rift, and it was destroyed. This marked the character's final appearance in the Legion titles to date; that version of the Legion's continuity was later rebooted. Due to her name, and the fact she was a blonde girl of fluctuating age who was possibly destined to be the Time Trapper, it has been speculated that Lori was the post-Reboot version of Glorith, a theory which was confirmed by the Legion creative team during a panel discussion at the 1999 Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Also know by Pterosaur, another alias of Lori Morning. Lori who's a 10 year old little girl with the Dial-H device. She becomes a different super hero every time she pushes the Dial-H buttons.
I think I still got a few of her aliases left on my list. Plasma is next!
This is my 252 post. That's a palindrome number, in Argentina that is considered to be of good luck and you supposed to make a wish when encounter such numbers.
The BG is from
Hope you are liking my Lori aliases so far...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Color Kid

Happy birthday Ulu! Color Kid (Ulu Vakk of the planet Lupra) is a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes in the 30th century. Ulu Vakk was assisting a scientist when a beam of multi-colored light from another dimension struck him, granting him his singular super ability. He tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes, but was rejected. He later joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes, a group formed of rejected Legion applicants.

He changed the color of a kryptonite cloud around Earth from green (deadly to then-current members Superboy and Supergirl) to blue (harmful to super-powered Bizarro creatures).
As an adult, he was known as Color King, and finally becomes a member of the Legion when it merges with the Legion of Substitute Heroes.
In the 1985 Legion of Substitute Heroes one-shot comic, he was temporarily known as Color Queen after being exposed to Granderian Gender-Reversal Germs by Infectious Lass.
The BG it's a nebula shot from
I feel like I could still play with the super powers FX.


Helios, another super hero from the Omnitrix...I mean the Dial H for hero device...ahem...
Lori Morning becomes Helios and messes things up for the Legion and helps at the same time with the single push of a button.
Background by Jeff Seaman, which I've flopped. 
The whole concept of having a 10 year old little girl's mind in a smoking hot 18 year old body it's a little too weird for me. It almost seems wrong. 
Besides of being the inspiration for the TV show Ben 10, the Dial-H for Hero has so much potential for a decent TV series or even a film for the big screen. Something perhaps Marvel would do, but not DC.
I'm actually having a great time designing Lori's aliases. 
Moving forward...

Thursday, December 12, 2013


What the Blip do we know? Lori Morning as Blip the mistress of teleportation, one of her many aliases from using the Dial H device. Clearly Blip has the teleportation capacity. The BG was done by Lazerus8102, got it from All the reference I had for this character was a single comic book panel that only shows half her body. For some reason it was really hard to find anything online about this character. 
Still doing my best to get all Lori's Dial H aliases done, finding reference it's the hard part.
Hope you Legion fans like it. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


As Lori Morning uses the Dial-H item she becomes Ink. As Ink, Lori trapped a Durlan thief and helped the Legion. Triad told her she should apply for Legion Membership. 
Lori Morning was born in the late 20th century in the USA, a typical child of her place and time...until her father fell in with Chronos
I found this particular BG on website under the user DeadWhale. I wish I knew the name of the artist who painted this beautiful BG. I've changed it a little to fit Ink better and made it a lot lighter to pop out her silhouette.

Future Girl

Lori Morning is a young girl that was taken to the future and watched over by the Legion of Super-Heroes. She eventually gained an item called the H-Dial that granted her random super powers and joined the Workforce. Here she is as Future Girl, one of her many forms. I'm hoping to draw all her aliases eventually. This BG was originally a hallucinogenic wallpaper that I went over to create this FX. For those few people out there that actually read my posts, know that I will continue posting Legionnaires as usual in despite of my facebook vacation. I was burned up from a middle age crisis and needed a break.
Peace out.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lori Morning

She first appeared as part of the Underworld Unleashed crossover, as the ten-year-old daughter of one of Chronos' henchmen; her father Ron first appeared in a 1989 issue of The Atom, also written by Tom Peyer. Chronos had gained increased time travel powers from Neron, but with a side effect of prematurely aging. He found a way to transfer that side-effect onto someone else, and realized a child would be able to store more chronal energy before dying of old age than an adult. After his defeat by the Legion, Lori remained in the 30th century. Stuck at a physical age of seventeen (but still mentally 10), and with no way to return to the 20th century, she was "adopted" by the Legion. She instantly developed a crush on time-travel researcher Rond Vidar. She briefly defended the Legion Headquarters against shapeshifting "Proteans" as "Future Girl", subsequently befriending one whom she named ProtyEventually, much to her disappointment, Vidar found a way of removing the excess chronal energy, and she returned to her former age. Shortly after that she gained access to the Hero dial, and began secretly taking various superhero identities to aid the Legion. The dial had actually been given to her by the Time Trapper, but when the Trapper attempted to recruit her, she used the power of the dial to defeat him as "Galaxy Girl". Shortly after this, when an attempt by Leland McCauley to utilise the power of a mysterious space anomaly resulted in time stopping, Lori found herself as one of the few beings unaffected. She attempted to use the H-dial to help, but was stopped by the Time Trapper, who felt she was too unpredictable. Although she did not see her assailant, the Trapper's face was visible, and was her own. The Legion eventually learned that Lori had been using the H-dial. Their disagreement as to whether she was ready to be a hero led to her leaving, and joining McCauley's Workforce. It was discovered the Legion had not claimed to be her legal guardian, and so McCauley's Khundian assistant Amilia Crugg did so. Following the Blight, McCauley announced that risking the lives of teens was unconscionable, and that the Workforce would now consist of adults. This was an anti-Legion PR move that backfired when it was revealed, as the new Workforce battled the Rift, that one member was Lori, using the dial. Lori gave the dial to Brainiac 5.1 so he could use it to stop the Rift, and it was destroyed. This marked the character's final appearance in the Legion titles to date; that version of the Legion's continuity was later rebooted.
I used the same BG as Chameleon Girl, made by Rapha Gutierres. I went over it and changed just a little. I'm gonna do my best to draw all her aliases from the Dial H for Hero device.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Rainbow Girl

Dori Aandraison is from the planet Xolnar in the 30th-Century, Don hoped to become a Legionnaire as a stepping stone towards a career as a holovid actress. She won a trip to Metropolis where Legion of Super Heroes tryout were being held by using her powers in the "Miss Xolnar" contest. Rainbow Girl's powers gave her a heightened pheromonic field which made her personality irresistable to everyone while surrounding her in a corruscating field of light resembling a rainbow. Unfortunately, she did not gain legion membership. Rather than returning to Xolnar, she married Irveang Polamar, a member of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Metropolis, so she could remain on Earth. Dori once again works with the Substitute heroes, who become a resistance cell when Earth becomes a closed off and xenophobic society. Dori and the Substitutes assist in overthrowing the xenophobicJustice League and saving Earth from an invasion of an alien coalition.
The BG was made by the talented Australian artist Steve Galea. I picked this BG cause it reminds me of Metropolis and of course I added the rainbow to match Rainbow Girl.
I also based this pose on one modeling shot from my friend Anna Bliss. Not only she is a great model she is also a hypnotherapist and a super-counscious spiritual burner, it was perfect for Rainbow Girl.  

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Matter Eater Lad

Matter-Eater Lad (real name Tenzil Kem) is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and possesses the power to eat matter in all forms, as do all natives of his home planet, Bismoll. He first appears in Adventure Comics #303, (December 1963). 
The BG is from the art of Pacific Rim. What a great film that is btw.
Don't forget to brush your teeth. 
Peace out!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Polar Boy

Not Bipolar Boy but Polar Boy, real name Brek Bannin who grew up on the planet Tharr, in the 30th Century. Tharr is considered one of the hottest inhabited planets in the galaxy. Brek's family live in the hottest valley of the planet where the inhabitants developed the power to create super cold, snow, and ice as a way to combat the persistent heat. He first tried out for the Legion, but was unable to control his powers. He was rejected because members felt his powers might interfere in missions. He became a supporting character as leader of the Substitute Heroes before earning his place in the Legion. 
On the New 52 Polar Boy seems to be very similar to the Silver Age characterization.
The BG northern lights is from the website
I would like to dedicate this piece to my pal Eric Canete for being a great source of inspiration and all the amazing art. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Invisible Kid

The first Invisible Kid was Lyle Norg, an early member of the Legion who gained his powers from a chemical serum he invented. He first appeared in Action Comics #267. His scientific aptitude meant he got along well with the super-intelligent Brainiac 5. His abilities made him a valuable asset to the Legion Espionage Squad, of which he was a permanent member. Norg also served one term as Legion Leader. He was killed by the monster Validus of the Fatal Five in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #203 (July/August 1974).
The original BG was done by Sabra Haskell, I changed it a bit to go with Invisible Kid. 
I'm currently working on some more Legionnaires, I think I'm almost half way done with my list. 
Any character you would like to see?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Chameleon Girl

The wife of Colossal Boy and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Being a native of Durla, Chameleon Girl has the power of shape-shifting.
Yera is from Earth, in the 30th century. Yera's family had migrated to Earth early on so Yera was actually born on Earth and not on Durla. This was enough to alter her perception of identity. She is also an accomplished actress and once posed as Legionnaire Shrinking Violet for an extended period of time. Chameleon girl is currently a member of Legion Lost, she will soon be facing off against an army of Harvest's minions. After surviving the Culling, the Legionnaires managed to get a hold of a time bubble and returned home to find it in ruin. Yera's musings suggest that she knows something that the others don't and she has a mission of her own to accomplish. Recently, she was subdued by the members of Project Metamerican alongside Tyroc.
The BG is called Blue Lab by Rapha Gutierrez. I hardly retouched it. I wanted a light color in the BG to pop out her sexy shapes. I asked myself, is this border line too sexy for a super heroine? She is an actress after all, most of female actresses are pretty hot, so why not. 
Happy 11/11 btw...

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Infectious Lass

Drura Sehpt is from Somahtur, a planet whose inhabitants' bodies are home to colonies of micro-organisms. These microbe colonies can quickly infect other living bio-organism's while the host remains unaffected. Drura was the first of her race to bravely travel to the United Planets, to see places that her people were always concerned possibly infecting. Drura was another of the Legion of Super-Heroes' rejected that would go on to join theLegion of Substitute HeroesPolar Boy, who was the leader of the Substitute Legion, was impressed with how Drura could induce illnesses. The BG futuristic-living-room-interior-22262-hd-wallpapers-background which I did went over, it seemed to match her vibe. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Blok is a silicon-based life-form from the planet Dryad with a naturally high density and strength. Carbon based humanoids had come to settle the planet, not realizing that the world was already inhabited by the silicon natives. Blok's people watched the carbon humanoids for a time, and once they determined that they meant no harm, revealed themselves. The two species helped each other and shared the planet. An undetermined time later, Dryad's core became unstable and eventually was destroyed. Blok and his friends misinterpreted the Legion of Super-Heroes rescue efforts and assumed the heroes had destroyed their world. Blok first appeared as a member of the League of Super-Assassins. He was manipulated by The Dark Man, a clone of Tharok, into attacking the Legion of Super-Heroes. When he learned that the Legionnaires were not his enemies, he turned on the Assassins and his former master, the Dark Man, and eventually joined the Legion. Blok was killed later on by Roxxas, who tracked him down to the Puppet Planetoid and carried out his mission, delivering Blok's dismembered corpse to the ranch home of Garth and Imra Ranzz on Winath. On the Retroboot New Earth he is the Black Witch's guardian. Forgive me if I don't post every single detail of this character, it will take too long to write.
The BG by Tory M. and dust FX by Matthew Timms were both retouched to go with Blok a little smoother.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween everyone!!! 
Born in the future during the 30th century, Berta Skye Haris is the beneficiary of a recessive gene in her family that gives its females the innate power to create and control wind currents to various degrees. As soon as she was old enough, she tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes as Nightwind. As Nightwind she became a senior student and a veteran of Legion tryouts, while an excellent student with a quite and reserved demeanor.  She became close friends with the amphibian student Lamprey, who also joined the Academy at the same time. She had shown her value during this time, however she, along with many of her old Academy classmates were killed during the invasion of Xolnar by Dominator forces.
The BG titled Dark night full moon from the blog As usual I went over it to make it match my character better.
It seemed the perfect candidate for a Halloween Legionnaire post!
Don't eat too much candy...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stone Boy

Stone Boy was born Dag Wentim on the planet Zwen. All people on the planet Zwen can petrify their bodies into stone. They developed this ability to put themselves into suspended animation for their planets six-month long nights. Dag's hair is not affected by the transformation. Also, while Stone Boy is in his petrified form, he cannot move. Through practice and concentration Dag can turn just part of his body into stone, such as his fist. He tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes, but was rejected when his power was deemed too static to accomplish anything positive. Along with several other failed applicants, he helped to form the Legion of Substitute HeroesIn the "Five Years Later" Legion continuity, Stone Boy is shown to have gained the ability to move while in stone form. 
Originally I was gonna post some joke about him being a stoner, but since I had an accident at home where all my pond fish died I'm very sad and in no mood for joking around.
This beautiful BG was originally done by my friend Alex Ruiz, check out his website for some other great artwork at I did go over a little to match the character better. And since the original Stone Boy's design was orange I thought it was somewhat Halloween related. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Variable Lad

Real name Oaa Tseldor, Oaa's ability allowed him to acquire practically any super power he could desire one at a time. It was hinted that these power changes were random, though Oaa at times did demonstrate a cognizant choice in abilities he was summoning. During the course of his tenure at the Legion Academy, he appeared to be limited to assuming only physical abilities. Whenever Variable Lad adapted a new power, his physical form also mutated into a state that capitalized on the ability. No known limitation was placed on the length of time he could assume a form. The BG Chuzhaya Planeta by Ppoverxnost ( It's almost like I've been doing somewhat Halloween related characters. Love it! I'm currently working on a very Halloween looking Legionnaire piece!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It seemed appropriate to do Monstress near Halloween. I didn't want to do the green version since that looked too much like She Hulk! The background Film BG was colored by Young Joons. I added a few little details. Now, for the character bio...
Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III was born with pure white skin and had brown hair. She discovered that her beloved father had impoverished workers in his labor farms which numbered in the hundreds. She was shocked by this revelation, not agreeing with it and doing her best to rally for the workers. Candi's appearance was radically changed when a gene bomb exploded in one of her father's plants, transforming her into a hued giantess. Discovering super strength and invulnerability, Candi adopted the name Monstress. As one of the few denizens of the planet with superpowers she was then recruited into the Legion of Super-HeroesCandi took on the big sister-type role towards many of the Legionnaires. Strong, compassionate, sweet, and honest. As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Monstress was also given a Legion flight ring, transuit, and telepathic ear plugs. 
After an epic adventure in an alien galaxy Element Lad was found. Element Lad had become a changed man after being lost in both time and space. He had been alone for billions of years, his way of thinking greatly altered and believing himself to be the Progenitor of the entire galaxy. When he found out his old friend Monstress wasn't one of his creations, he deemed her a "variant" and killed her. Monstress was mourned by her teammates and a statue was erected in her honor on Legion World. RIP.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Quantum Queen

She may not be a Legionnaire to my knowledge all thou was good to take a break and do some other character. Specially since I was inspired at my fellow burner Gita Salem's fashion show this past weekend after being exposed to so much beauty, as a result I came up with this. I based her facial features after the russian model Xenia Tchoumitcheva. The Bg Sci-fi residential map was made by EzMeow. I hardly retouched it. 
Quantum Queen's full origin story has never been revealed, and even her real name and homeworld are still unknown. Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, she was a member of the Wanderers, a futuristic team of adventurers that existed during the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. Quantum Queen possessed formidable powers: she could control quantum energy, even to the extent that she could turn her body into that form of energy. The Wanderers became renowned for their exploits and inevitably they crossed paths with the Legion of Super-Heroes. The two teams immediately became friends. 
The whole team of wanderers was murdered by creatures created by Clonus and burdened with guilt over their deaths, he decided to bring them back to life via cloning. He augmented their powers during the cloning process. She eventually left the Wanderers to seek personal fame and fortune. She signed with a galactic talent agency located on Hypeworld, a highly commercialized planet specializing in galaxy-wide entertainment and merchandising. Her story goes on setting things right for being used by the same agency. The Wanderers current whereabouts are unknown. DC's 30th-century universe has been rebooted three times since, and Quantum Queen has yet to make an appearance in the current continuity.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ferro Lad

Andrew Nolan of Earth is Ferro Lad. He is known in later continuity simply as FerroAndrew Nolan is a metahuman with the power to transform himself into living iron. He has a twin brother named Douglas who has the same power. Both twins have deformed faces as a side effect of the mutation that gave them their powers, so both wear iron masks. He first appears in Adventure Comics #346 (July 1966); he joined at the same time as Princess Projectra, Karate Kid and Nemesis Kid. Ferro Lad was only a Legionnaire for a short time when he was killed destroying the Sun-Eater with a bomb in Adventure Comics #353. His self-sacrifice to save the galaxy made him legendary, despite his short tenure as a Legionnaire. 
In post-Zero Hour continuity he is known as Ferro and comes from 20th century Earth. In Legion of Super-Heroes (vol. 2) #300, an alternate universe is glimpsed by Andrew Nolan's brother, Douglas. Here, it is shown that shortly after Andrew's death against the Sun-Eater, Douglas became the second Ferro Lad in a parallel timeline. Enough history!
I've decided to use this BG from, unfortunately I really don't know the name of the artist who painted this beauty. Of course I modified it a bit to work with Ferro Lad a bit better.
Rest in peace Andrew.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Gravity Kid

Gravity Kid enrolled in the latest class at the Legion Academy, alongside Chemical KidDragonwing,Variable Lad, and returning student Comet QueenGravity Kid was created by Paul Levitz and Phil JimenezHe was one of the more serious students about becoming a Legionnaire, often staying at the Academy while his classmates broke curfew. Those studious habits led to him sometimes resenting his more reckless classmates, as Tel was more the kind of student who woke up early before class to work out or do personal training exercises. At some point, he entered into a relationship with senior Academy student Power BoyTel possesses the ability to manipulate the gravity fields around himself or other objects. He can make a person light as a feather or increase their gravity field that they're too heavy to even sit up under their own strength. While his control of his powers seems adequate, his zealousness to prove himself has caused him to accidentally use his abilities on his teammates who are in the way. When negating his own gravity field, Gravity Kid is able to hover and even fly without the aid of a Legion flight ring.
The background "Futuristic Room" was made by  aurora2109green. I went over it a little.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Power Boy

In the 30th century, Jedediah Rikane was a student in the Legion Academy, a training program developed and financed by the United Planets super-team - the  Legion of Super-Heroes, based on Earth. Jed was born with control over his body's density, an ability that gives him super-strength, partial invulnerability, and purple skin. He remained at the Academy for many years, taking part in several training missions and waiting patiently for a chance to tryout for the Legion of Super-Heroes. After being rejected for membership he later became an instructor in the United Planets Militia Academy on Xolnar where eventually he was killed by a Khund warrior commando while defending its pluridium mines. Jed was born a mutant with particular control over his body's density which as he gains mass his physical attributes increase dynamically. This mass altering property to his powers causes a few specific effects including the ability of superhuman strength, a moderate amount of invulnerability, and a purple skin tone. The increase in his mass also changes his physical appearance causing Jed to have a massively muscled body and a stocky appearance.
When I found out this character was gay I was shocked. For the record I'm straight all thou I'm not homophobic. If I decided to draw all legionnaires I realized I was gonna have to draw the gay characters too. What Legionnaire should I draw next?
This beautifully painted bg was done by Razor B. I modified it a little for Power Boy.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Princess Projectra

That's right girl, talk to the hand! 
Created by Jim Shooter, she first appeared in Adventure Comics #346 (July 1966).
Projectra is a member of the royal family of the low-tech planet Orando, and possesses the superhuman ability to generate illusions affecting all five senses. During her membership in the LSH, she met, fell in love with, and married the martial artist Karate Kid. After her father King Voxv died, she fought her cousin Pharoxx and her mentor Hagga, who sought to usurp the throne. Afterward she became Queen Projectra of Orando, and she and Karate Kid became reserve members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. When the Legion of Super-Villains invaded Orando, Nemesis Kid defeated Karate Kid in personal combat and killed him. Projectra subsequently killed Nemesis Kid in revenge, claiming royal privilege to do so even though it violated the Legion's code against killing. She resigned from the Legion of Super-Heroes during Karate Kid's funeral and used the Legion of Super-Villains' warp devices to take Orando to another dimension to preserve them from 30th century technology and dangers. I'm not even going to mention the post Zero hour Reboot or the Threeboot or the Post Infinity Crisis. 
All thou I may take a crack at Sensor Girl one day. The BG was done by Aigik, I modified it a little.
I was amazed by a Legion fan who contacted me in regards of my previous post and share some extra info about the character. Thanks to that I updated Crystal Kid's post. It's good to know some people actually take their time to read my posts. "Excelsior"
I realized the Legion fans are a Legion of their own, I didn't know they were so many. It feels good to know I'm not alone! 
I think I'm going to draw Power Boy next...

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Crystal Kid

Let's be crystal clear, I like exploring new concepts, to actually come up with new ideas and create. That's the fun part along with my freedom. I would love to make every fan happy with my "personal" adaptation of this characters, but unfortunately that is a little unrealistic. 
I found this BG in google, under "ice cave" and painted the crystals to match Crystal Kid.
The character, Bobb Kohan was a young boy on a family picnic on a glories summer day when puberty kicked in. Bobb's mutant power to create crystal or transmute other objects into crystal surfaced... turning his grandfather into a statue of crystal.  When he became old enough he went straight  to enjoy the camaraderie of other super-powered youths and have a shot at the Legion of Super-Heroes membership as the Crystal Kid.  Crystal Kid, along with Lamprey and Nightwind trained with Wildfire.  After Wildfire trounced them in a sparring match, he confided in the three his true tragic past.  A past he had not shared with other members of the Legion.  Crystal Kid's confidence was boosted, and he, along with Nightwind and Lamprey decided not to give up trying to join the Legion. Bobb was always willing to learn, but also too quick to action, a trait that has gotten him into more trouble than it ever got him out of.  However this same thirst to learn drove him into the Legion Academy, here as a student he would hone all the skills needed to become a true hero. While concentrating, Crystal Kid can create constructs made of crystal.  He can use this in a variety of ways, offensively or defensively.  However, these constructs quickly disappear if his concentration wavers.
Between the end of The Magic Wars (Legion Vol 3, #63) and the grim Giffen version (Legion Vol 4, #1), there was a five-year gap during which a so-called crisis called Black Dawn occurred, resulting in the disbanding of the Legion. During this period, many new Legionnaires joined up, including Crystal Kid.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Founding Members

On this piece I re-touched part of my previous Legion artwork and made it into a new one, I'm doing my best to be economical about my free time for this Blog. I was also experimenting to see how would my characters look together. 
I redesign their outfits so they somewhat match the animated TV show version and they are from the same universe continuity. Saturn Girl looks different from my original the most, I kind of re-drew her a lot. I was wondering what would she look like in the animated style but with a giant pony tail.
Same BG I used for Ultra Boy,  I think it was made by Andree Wallin. I changed a few things, many things actually. I added a lot more elements to make it look different and match my characters. 
The original Legion of Super Heroes first appears in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958), and was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino. Initially, the team was closely associated with the original Superboy (Superman when he was a teenager), and was first portrayed as a group of time travelers who frequently visited him,  Lightning BoySaturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy. In later years, the Legion's origin and back story were fleshed out, and the group was given prominence on par with Superboy's in a monthly comic.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Night Girl

Night Girl real name Lydda Jath is a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and of the most recent incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She first appeared in Adventure Comics #306 (March 1963). Night Girl is a native of the planet Kathoon, a world which is in perpetual darkness, heated by an internal power source. Lydda has super strength, given to her by her scientist father, but only at night or in deep shadow. Her powers were negated by the presence of ultra-violet energy. Killing (or at least heavily injuring) creatures made of tangible shadow seemingly allows her to temporarily absorb their essence into herself and convert it into super strength. Since her super powers are often unavailable, she has trained extensively and is a very capable hand-to-hand combatant.

For this outfit I chose to mix some of her original ones and come up with a new one. I'm not following any continuity or any particular costume. I like designing new stuff, you know. I was inspired by Benicio da Fonseca's art on her face.
I didn't paint the background, I went over it. It's called  City of the night by Colin Geller. He is a great artist. It seemed like the perfect BG for her.
I hope someone actually reads this post before they go bananas on criticism or complement me on what a great job I did on painting this background, lol.
Hope you dig it. Chau

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

GL Rond Vidar

And one for the Legion homies. After reading some Legion fans comments at the Bits of Legionnaire Business page in facebook on some of my art, I realized most people never read my posts here in my art blog. So I felt compelled to do something about it for just this one time. Seriously, if I had to do every Legionnaire in every costume there was for each character, I would never finish trying to draw them all in my lifetime. Besides it would be like finding a needle in a haystack if I had to make everyone happy, that's nearly impossible. I usually give a brief comment in most of my posts on why I did something to that particular character. That would explain the mind frame behind my personal creative choices. Besides I always give the background artist the deserved credit. For the most part I paint over a pre-existent background modifying it to fit my character better. I found this BG in a wall paper website ( ), it's the Crown Nebula. If I had to paint every single background from scratch it would take me a looong time and this purely for fun and none profitable daily job would not be possible in the timely manner that it is. That's the best part of fan art, freedom. Generally I change one thing or another and come up with something new. Since I am a character designer I enjoy coming up with new ideas. Sometimes I like the original design and some other times I like blending my personal preferences. I enjoy my creative freedom. 

The interesting thing about my previous Tyroc is, I did look at the animated series for reference. If I did it "just" like in the animated series I wouldn't be redesigning anything then. Like I mention before I was creating something new, a bit more realistic. No offense intended to the hard core fans.
Anyhow, thanks for your comments and facebook likes, much appreciated. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bouncing Boy

30th century hero Bouncing Boy is the Legionnaire with the heart of gold and girth of a basketball. His sole power is the ability to inflate and bounce with amazing agility and resistance.

While working for a scientist on 30th Century Earth, Chuck Taine accidentally drank an experimental super-plastic fluid while watching a sports event. The fluid drastically altered his body, giving him the power to inflate into a spongy round shape that could bounce and ricochet without harm. Accidental interfering with the event, he quickly made his exit and decided to try out for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Chuck tried out twice for the team and was rejected both times. After defeating an electrical villain because he wasn't grounded, Chuck took the name Bouncing Boy and was invited to join the Legion of Super Heroes finally. His good humor and charming personality eventually led him to proclaiming himself Legion 'Morale Officer'.
I wish I knew the name of the artist for this beautifully painted background. I hardly changed anything on this one. I found it at
I wanted to stick to the original character design but at the same time I really liked what was done with the animated version. So I did my best to blend both into one.
Legionnaire number 41 and a whole lot more to come... 

Monday, September 30, 2013


Giselle Smith of Triton (one of Saturn's moons), was caught in an invasion wave of destroyer units when the Legion of Super-Heroes appeared to defend the population. In the shelter of the ski resort she was visiting at the time, Giselle was beaten by bullies because of her rare mutation enabling her to control her own metabolism. Saved by Invisible Kid, she later helped the Legion defeat the destroyer units; though afterwards she claimed that she hated the United Planets and the Legion, and only fought to save herself.
Next time she appeared, she had become a member of the United Planets Young Heroes, the UP's answer to the Legion - under the code name Gazelle. When the team failed, Gazelle realized she had been wrong about the Legion, and applied for a Legionnaires try-out. Out of four candidates - Gazelle herself, Night GirlTurtle and Sizzle, Giselle was the only one to be admitted into the Legion core team on a full-time basis.
Gazelle possess the ability to manipulate her metabolism in order to achieve several effects, but most prominently boosts it giving her a substantial degree of super strength and speed. But she is also capable of slowing down her metabolism to such an extent that she enters a state akin to hibernation.