Friday, April 04, 2014

Captain America. The Springfield Soldier

I saw Captain America The Winter Soldier last night. I thought it was a great film all around. A good spy/war/action/super hero movie, not just a great super hero flick but a great movie period.
As a tribute to this awesome film and character I thought I should post something related to fighting injustice in this dysfunctional system. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Married to the Blob it's the 540th Simpsons episode, it was aired January 12th 2014. I had the privilege to work on it as a character designer. Regardless, I have mixed up feelings with some color super hero related things in this episode.
Sometimes changing what you are joking about to the point it becomes something else and parody has almost disappeared, could be unnecessary for the making of a great television show. I've noticed when it comes to super heroes most of the time things are changed and colored so differently that it's almost an insult to the comic book community. At the same I totally understand the legalities. Therefore I'm posting how this Captain America Jack Kirby style should have been colored as a fan tribute. The upper version it's how it should have been, the bottom version it's what aired...Seriously who colors Captain America pink and orange? Really?
Please forgive me Jack Kirby wherever you are in comic book artist Gods heaven, it wasn't my fault.
May Truth, Justice and the American Way prevail!