Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Another teenager t-shirt production.
Pretty self explanatory. Who doesn't like to party?
I was young and crazy when I painted this t-shirt.
Typical teenager party animal listening to hair bands.
Based on a drawing by Ed Big Daddy Roth.
Aaahhh...the 80's...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Of course when the movie came out I had to make my own t-shirt. Here is the back of this t-shirt at the bottom.

The Joker T-Shirt

I remember I specially made this t-shirt to wear at the opening night of Batman in 1989.
I based it in a Jim Aparo's comic book panel.


After I heard that album for the first time in 1986 I became an instant fan and of course I had to paint my own t-shirt with it.
This t-shirt was ridiculously hard to scan and put together. I just couldn't get those wrinkles to go away. Sorry if it looks a little distorted.
Not too bad for an 18 years old punk.

Metallica T-Shirt

On the next few posts you'll find some t-shirts I painted by hand when I was 19 years old.
I kept the ones with the most sentimental value to me, and here they are.
It was extremely difficult to scan them for this blog, since they were very wrinkle, old and didn't fit on my scanner.
I had to place a sheet of cardboard inside each t-shirt and scan them in two halves (bottom and top).
To make them I used a special paint for fabrics called Ladytex made only in Argentina back in the 80's.
It was a very good paint brand, since I wore them and washed them many times. The fact that they still look good proves it.
About this particular piece I remember seeing a japanese Kerrang magazine with a Metallica note in it. And in one page I saw
a photograph of a fan giving James Hetfield a caricature drawing of him Manga style.
For some reason when I was 19 I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, specially because I was a huge Metallica fan myself. And then it hit me, I though it would be really cool to make a t-shirt out of that tiny photo.
It was very challenging to come up with the design since that pic was ridiculously small, but I did it. I can't believe I painted the logo straight up with no art line, I even knew how to do that logo by heart without any reference.
I never got so many compliments on a t-shirt, specially around Metallica's golden age.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Silver Banshee

The Silver Banshee. Sketch made way before The Justice League days...maybe in 1996.

Speak No Evil

Talking gorilla for a Batman Beyond episode...An intelligent gorilla named Fingers faces off against a one-eyed poacher. As usual, Batman gets stuck in the middle.

Made you look

I owe you a punch, and if you flinch I owe you two!


The cartoony version of Walter Simonson's God of Thunder. Sketch made in 5 minutes with a brush.