Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Mentalla was a telepathic woman from Titan that wanted to use her powers as a member of the Legion of Super Heroes. Instead asked to train in the Legion Academy. She believed she could infiltrate the Fatal Five to prove her worth to the Legion. Instead, she found her death.
I took some liberties and redesign little things here and there. The whole point of this ongoing Legion designs, is to have fun doing whatever I want, sometimes the actual design it's not that esthetic to my taste. The BG is stock art from a website. Too bad this character is dead, it had potential. 

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Wonder Woman vs Cheetah

By combining two of my old drawings and retouching them up a little I've came up with a new one :)
The Wonder Woman movie it's great. Finally DC comics makes a good super hero movie that stands up to Marvel's standards. It's everything I've always wanted to see in a Wonder Woman movie since I reed her comics as a child. Is entertaining, exciting and it has a lot of heart. Well done Patty Jenkins.
I hope DC and specially Warner Brothers executives learn from this experience and keep making good super hero movies like this one. That would be great!