Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life Lass

Life Lass was created in the 60's by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte. 
Real name Somi Gan. She was born to a couple that had been exposed to the radiation of an atomic accident that destroyed the entire continent of Antillar on their home planet. As a result she was born with the extraordinary ability to animate and control inanimate objects, essentially bringing them to life, taking the name Life Lass. Somi and another super humans joined together to become the Heroes of Lallor. This group often helped the Legion of Superheroes. 
The BG is called Urban Lights and was made by Andreas Rocha. I've changed the colors to separate the character figure a little more from the BG.
Since I'm running out of female characters and the majority I have left in my list are male, I'm willing to start drawing other female characters from the Legion universe that aren't necessary Legionnaires.
I'll be challenging with all the projects I have going on, to find free time and continue with my mission of drawing every Legionnaire. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Today my first official website went public.
After a lifetime of creating art, professionally and for fun I finally found some time of my super-busy schedule to make it happen.
Thanks Michael Malota for being a great web designer, I would highly recommend his services.
It feels good to have most of my decent artwork all together in one site.
It's definitely more professional, official and a good way to showcase your artwork.
Of course I'll continue to post some art in here as well.
Hope you like it, enjoy!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Calorie Queen

Real name Taryn Loy, came from the planet Bismoll, Calorie Queen possesses the same eating abilities as Matter-Eater Lad, as well as super-strenght due to genetic manipulation. 
At one point she got to work with Matter-Eater Lad, putting their teenager issues behind. She was recommended as a replacement by Matter-Eater Lad due to his political career. the LSH declined.
The BG is called Sci Fi and was made by Jsek-d4g0p1f, I've changed it a little. 
Couldn't help mysel by adding Matter-Eater Lad checking her out.
The Legion mission continues...