Sunday, June 08, 2014


Gear is from a race composed of organic machinery beneath humanoid shells, he can transform parts of his body into tools and interface with computers. The Blackstar Juvenile Correctional Facility captured him for use in maintaining their systems. For quite some time, he pretended to be servile, while programming some of his machinery to disable the systems keeping the inmates contained and powerless upon his deactivation. On the arrival of the Legionnaire Sensor on the station, he was convinced by her to move prematurely, and was severely damaged in the process, activating his failsafes. However, Brainiac 5 successfully repaired him, and Gear remained on the Legion Outpost space station until most of the Legion was lost in a rift and the team was forcefully disbanded as a resultR.J. Brande then made contact with many of the remaining Legionnaires, including Gear, and put together a plan to construct a "Legion World" - an artificial planetoid to house a revived and expanded team, which Gear and Invisible Kid designed and helped to construct.

The BG Sci Fi Lab Corridor was made by 
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I made a few changes to match Gear.
It's been a while since I've done any 
Legion of Super Heroes characters. 
But I still have a lot of personal projects 
I would like to pay some attention to, 
like my paintings for an art gallery, 
a children's book, storyboard my own 
Sci Fi epic film, 
work on my own website and so forth. 
I'll do my best to at least do one 
Legionnaire per week 
but I can't promise you anything. 
I hope you like this one and my 
new settle changes.