Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Polar Boy

Not Bipolar Boy but Polar Boy, real name Brek Bannin who grew up on the planet Tharr, in the 30th Century. Tharr is considered one of the hottest inhabited planets in the galaxy. Brek's family live in the hottest valley of the planet where the inhabitants developed the power to create super cold, snow, and ice as a way to combat the persistent heat. He first tried out for the Legion, but was unable to control his powers. He was rejected because members felt his powers might interfere in missions. He became a supporting character as leader of the Substitute Heroes before earning his place in the Legion. 
On the New 52 Polar Boy seems to be very similar to the Silver Age characterization.
The BG northern lights is from the website urban-review.com
I would like to dedicate this piece to my pal Eric Canete for being a great source of inspiration and all the amazing art. 

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