Sunday, January 31, 2010

Starfleet Officer

There is nothing wrong with green skin, green it's good, green it's your friend.
I always liked the Orion girls from the Star Trek universe. They're all seem to be hot.
This particular one appears to have some trouble with tribbles.
My friend Paul Wee gave me a copy of his version and that got me inspired to come up with mine.
Perhaps the link below will refresh your memory:

Whom Gods Destroy

Shane Girl

Once again inspired by my old pal Shane Glines' artwork I was compelled to create a Shane Girl.
It truly is a lot of fun to come up with quick girly sketches in the Shane style.
Hope you all dig it.

Thor vs. Mightor

Alex Toth meets Olivier Coipel was the idea. Still got a lot of work to do on this one.
I grew up watching H&B cartoons, and one of my favorites was The Mighty Mightor.
And I will always love the Jack Kirby's Thor of course.
I hope next time I re-post this it's in technicolor.
May the Gods be with you.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jonah Hex

On July 10 2009 I got a message from a Jonah Hex fan, requesting a commission piece.
It would have to be in the Batman the Brave and the Bold style.
From that original message:

Hello Tommy,
I am a great admirer of your artwork.
I especially enjoyed your sketch on Jonah Hex. I thing it is one of the best I have seen of Jonah.
I am a Jonah Hex collector and I was wondering if you do any sketches for fans?
I have a limited budget but I would love to get a quick convention style sketch of Jonah Hex for my collection.

Since I'm always working two jobs and busy freelancing I don't do any commission art, but in this case for whatever reason I went for it and mailed the original. Also did it at no charge from the goodness of my heart for a fan. If it wasn't for the fans we (the artists) wouldn't be where we are at.
Curious, I never heard back from Gil...


I have been going through a lot of changes in my life lately. Expanding my consciousness and growing spiritually very rapidly are some of the main occurrences. I've learned Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Qui Gong, Kunlun Nei Gun Meditation and Channeling Spirit Guides. I lost all my fear and became love.
I had one of the 12 Crystal Skulls in my hands plus in another occasion I did my first Ayahuasca Ceremony. Lost count of how many UFO's I've seen in different shapes and colors, I even interacted telepathically with some ships. Needless to say I've been tapping into my telepathic abilities and sometimes began to see people's auras effortlessly.
Learning about the alternative "free energy" sources available to the public since at least 50 years ago, awaken and see beyond the lies and manipulation from the powers at be would fall under the consciousness expansion category.
In addition I had many profound, overwhelming and intense spiritual experiences. One of those would be seeing my Gate Keeper and Spirit Guide Lilac during my first Channeling workshop. I'm currently doing my best to get clear messages from the spirit world. Here's a rough drawing from my spiritual journal. This is what a saw before getting some automatic writing messages from her. We all have many spirit guides, life doesn't end when your physical body dies. Communicating with the spirit world as a common thing is part of humanity's destiny.

Batman the Brave and the Bold

Batman from the WB Mural based on the Batman the Brave and the Bold TV Show.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern from the WB Mural based on the First Flight DVD model.

Wonder Woman

Here's the Wonder Woman shadow guide rough from the New Warner Brothers Mural based on the Wonder Woman DVD Movie.
Now that the Mural it's up and running I can finally show some of my artwork.