Sunday, October 13, 2013

Power Boy

In the 30th century, Jedediah Rikane was a student in the Legion Academy, a training program developed and financed by the United Planets super-team - the  Legion of Super-Heroes, based on Earth. Jed was born with control over his body's density, an ability that gives him super-strength, partial invulnerability, and purple skin. He remained at the Academy for many years, taking part in several training missions and waiting patiently for a chance to tryout for the Legion of Super-Heroes. After being rejected for membership he later became an instructor in the United Planets Militia Academy on Xolnar where eventually he was killed by a Khund warrior commando while defending its pluridium mines. Jed was born a mutant with particular control over his body's density which as he gains mass his physical attributes increase dynamically. This mass altering property to his powers causes a few specific effects including the ability of superhuman strength, a moderate amount of invulnerability, and a purple skin tone. The increase in his mass also changes his physical appearance causing Jed to have a massively muscled body and a stocky appearance.
When I found out this character was gay I was shocked. For the record I'm straight all thou I'm not homophobic. If I decided to draw all legionnaires I realized I was gonna have to draw the gay characters too. What Legionnaire should I draw next?
This beautifully painted bg was done by Razor B. I modified it a little for Power Boy.

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