Wednesday, October 02, 2013

GL Rond Vidar

And one for the Legion homies. After reading some Legion fans comments at the Bits of Legionnaire Business page in facebook on some of my art, I realized most people never read my posts here in my art blog. So I felt compelled to do something about it for just this one time. Seriously, if I had to do every Legionnaire in every costume there was for each character, I would never finish trying to draw them all in my lifetime. Besides it would be like finding a needle in a haystack if I had to make everyone happy, that's nearly impossible. I usually give a brief comment in most of my posts on why I did something to that particular character. That would explain the mind frame behind my personal creative choices. Besides I always give the background artist the deserved credit. For the most part I paint over a pre-existent background modifying it to fit my character better. I found this BG in a wall paper website ( ), it's the Crown Nebula. If I had to paint every single background from scratch it would take me a looong time and this purely for fun and none profitable daily job would not be possible in the timely manner that it is. That's the best part of fan art, freedom. Generally I change one thing or another and come up with something new. Since I am a character designer I enjoy coming up with new ideas. Sometimes I like the original design and some other times I like blending my personal preferences. I enjoy my creative freedom. 

The interesting thing about my previous Tyroc is, I did look at the animated series for reference. If I did it "just" like in the animated series I wouldn't be redesigning anything then. Like I mention before I was creating something new, a bit more realistic. No offense intended to the hard core fans.
Anyhow, thanks for your comments and facebook likes, much appreciated. 

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