Monday, October 14, 2013

Gravity Kid

Gravity Kid enrolled in the latest class at the Legion Academy, alongside Chemical KidDragonwing,Variable Lad, and returning student Comet QueenGravity Kid was created by Paul Levitz and Phil JimenezHe was one of the more serious students about becoming a Legionnaire, often staying at the Academy while his classmates broke curfew. Those studious habits led to him sometimes resenting his more reckless classmates, as Tel was more the kind of student who woke up early before class to work out or do personal training exercises. At some point, he entered into a relationship with senior Academy student Power BoyTel possesses the ability to manipulate the gravity fields around himself or other objects. He can make a person light as a feather or increase their gravity field that they're too heavy to even sit up under their own strength. While his control of his powers seems adequate, his zealousness to prove himself has caused him to accidentally use his abilities on his teammates who are in the way. When negating his own gravity field, Gravity Kid is able to hover and even fly without the aid of a Legion flight ring.
The background "Futuristic Room" was made by  aurora2109green. I went over it a little.

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