Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, that was an interesting year. There is so much going on, from increasing worldwide ET activity and disclosure to keep preparing and educating humanity for what's to come to the crazy amounts of chemtrails being sprayed. From 2012 approaching fast to the never ending cover up of advanced technology, free and unlimited energy sources and cures to all diseases by the powers that be, who want to control everyone and everything on Earth. How about them apples? And that's just a scratch to the surface. These are intense times we live in, expecting solar activity that could leave us in the stone age after a massive EMP. Or a polar shift, with colossal earthquakes and tsumanis. How about possible true ET intervention again and what about project blue beam?
And of course the constant spiritual awakening of many, raising the collective vibrational frequency and consciousness of humanity. One thing it's for sure, knowledge it's humanity's saviour, even when the truth it's stranger than fiction will still set you free and it's always out there...
Sounds like we still got a lot to experience and to go through until all of us ( and I mean all of us from the powers that be to the oblivious joe down the street ) get it together and start living in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature.
Regardless, have a Happy New Year everyone, with lots of prosperity, peace, joy, love and light !!!