Saturday, June 26, 2010

Justice League

Right before the JL TV show started, the producers asked me to do this piece for publicity purposes. Little did I know Bruce was going to take a pass at it and make it better. Next thing you know it was everywhere, and I mean everywhere...

All I got, other than a paycheck, was this little business card dispenser with the revised version on it. Pretty cool nevertheless.


AFare24Get said...

Nice piece & great artwork. Good luck & keep on making those dreams come true.

Rita said...

Hey, if I would like to print this on a shirt how would i do that? i dont want to steal art creds

Tommy T said...

Hey Rita, I guess you'll take that design to a t-shirt printing place.
If you print it with my signature you'll be giving me the art creds.
Besides it's DC Comics copyright. I drew it but I don't own it.
Thanks for checking my Blog out!