Thursday, January 25, 2007


Top. Martian Man Hunter sketch for Paul Wee.
Middle. I was asked to do this poster by the producers of the show but they never did anything with it. So I decided to finish the job and color it myself.
Bottom. Robot Mummy from the JLU episode Ancient History. The Hawkman and Shadow Thief (from "Shadow of the Hawk") return and the secret behind both their existences is finally revealed.

Jeans Babes

From my many sexy girly tight jeans artwork. There was a time where I had so much fun drawing sexy girly jeans art.

Jeans Angels

I guess it's no secret by now, yes I like sexy girls in tight jeans...well, who doesn't. From Sorayama to frank Cho as inspiration, I even became a photographer for a website featuring sexy models wearing skin tight jeans. It was a great learning experience and not only as a photographer, the site's name was Jeans Angels. It does no longer exists.

Rose and Isabel

I made this one for my buddy Ted.
Check out my friend Ted Mathot's books Rose and Isabel.
Good stuff, I'm very happy for ya.

Dragon Raptor

One of my many creations...I was just wondering what would happen if you mix a velociraptor and a dragon...


Here is one my development pieces for the 2004 TV show.

Monkey Man and O'Brian...

Well... I guess she's into monkeys and after all Hellboy it's kinda monkey like. Poor Monkey Man. The characters are from a comic book named Monkeyman and O'Brian, originally drawn by Art Adams. Of course everyone knows who Hellboy is by now.


Magnattack from the Official Handbook of the Invincible #2 - K-W - Kursk to Winslow. Released by Image on January 1, 2007I made this one for my pal Dusty Abell. Anything you've ever wanted to know about the characters in INVINCIBLE but were afraid to ask. Power levels, hometowns, relatives, origins, shoe sizes... it's all here. Written in the tradition of that other famous handbook and featuring drawings from some of the top talents in comics and animation. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY INVINCIBLE FAN!

Brom Style

More Brom meets Bruce Timm cartoony experiments.


Inspired by one of those milk commercials.

Kirby Girl

Kirby meets Timm, Genesis Midnight Swanish girl (for those who understand) know...Kirby...Jack Kirby! What? You don't know who Jack Kirby, you better get your comixology straight.

Big Cats

After watching a Tarzan film with Johnny Weissmuller and Disney's Tarzan, I got inspired and came up with this thumbnail.

Jim Jam

Me sa say stay in school. I think Jim Jam it's on of the best spoofs on Jar Jar Binks so far.

Hela and Hellboy vs. Lobo

You could say this was one hell of the day. From Hela to Hellboy fighting Lobo.


I created this one as an incidental Green Lantern Corps character for a Justice League episode. To my pleasant surprise WB used this sexy Green Lantern on other episodes also as an incidental character.

Green Lantern Corps

"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my Power, Green Lantern's Light!"

The bottom piece it's from a Justice League episode named Kids Stuff, where Mordred turns the JL into kids. Here is the Green Lantern John Stuart as a kid.

Hot Sci Fi Chick

After comic book shopping in Hollywood at Meltdown Comics, got inspired from Sci Fi european graphic novels and this came out of my mind...

Lady Killer

From the Girls with Guns sketch book days...At WB Animation we used to pass around sketch books with a theme, and every artist did a piece. Lance Falk has the best sketch books ever.

Cat Ladies

No, this isn't from the Broadway show Cats.
I guess the first one could be an alternative version of Cheetah, Wonder Woman's enemy. The Panther Girl sounds more like a Marvel character to me.   I think I've based Panthergirl on a Peta Wilson shot. Little did I know I was gonna met her in person one day, ha.

Captain America Cover

Just practicing with my Tria markers. Based on a real comic book featuring The Avengers vs. The defenders.

Body Bags

When this comic first came out, I became a fan of Jason Pearson's art.
If a live action version of this ever gets made I would love to direct it. I even settle for the animated version.

Bizarro's World

This one was for a Superman the Animated Series screening, the Bizarro's World episode.

Batman and Beyond...

From Batman Beyond to Batman a la Jack Kirby.

Aurra Sing and Clone Troopers

Aurra Sing is a laconic humanoid alien with chalk-white skin and long, bloodletting fingers. Surgically attached to her skull is a long, thin sensor implant that aids her in her hunts.


Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the character debuted in More Fun Comics #73 (Nov. 1941). Initially a backup feature in DC's anthology titles, Aquaman later featured in his own title multiple times. Nearly two decades later, during the superhero-revival period known as the Silver Age of Comic Books, he was a founding member of the Justice League of America.
I based the top piece on the comics at that time. I was laughed at by other artists at work and I was told the idea of Aquaman with a hook hand was terrible. Eventually the same artists/producers that gave me a hard time were responsible for the Aquaman episode on the Justice League show that features the origin where he looses his hand.
Years later I was asked by a WB producer to do the top piece. I made it for a fanzine cover back in 2002.

Girly Pin Up Roughs

It's always so liberating to "just" pencil artwork and not worry about cleaning it up. from a Bond girl to Curare from batman Beyond.

Dark Heroes

I always wonder what would happen if you mix Bruce Timm with Brom.