Thursday, September 28, 2017

Radiation Roy

After Roy Travich received a large inheritance, used it to gain a super power to join The Legion of Super Heroes. He couldn't control his power and got rejected then became a super-villain.
The BG credits are by As_100, that's all the info I could find.  
More Legionnaires coming up in the future...future get it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Shadow Woman

Shadow Woman from the Adult Legionnaires. She died saving the Science Asteroid. The only reference I had was that Adventure Comics cover where Superman is walking between the dead Legionnaires shrine in the future...of the future...The BG was made by Joakim Olofssom, I've changed a few minor things here and there.
I've been super busy with many things at once, unfortunately that takes time away from my Legion fun. But worry not Legion fans, I'll keep em' coming one way or another.

Monday, September 18, 2017


11 my eleventh painting. I should start looking for a gallery to do a solo show soon.
This is not a photo or photo collage or a photo that I've painted over.
Yes, this is painted from zero. I did copy elements from different image reference but it is painted.
It took me a loooong time to achieve this goal of photo realism.
Since you can manipulate images with photoshop very well, it gives me the tools to reach my goal of photo realism. I've smudge, airbrush and used the blur tool a lot.
Some parts I've spent more time trying to make it look more photographic than other parts. The woman's face was based on a model reference. The BG was very time consuming as well, but it was fun painting purple clouds.
Another painting ready for my future gallery.
Hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Estimate Lad

Estimate Lad, one of the top five Legion rejects. He is an alien that can instantly estimate weights, measures, speeds and numbers, But he lacks accuracy. Clearly he got rejected by The Legion of Super Heroes. The BG was made by the concept artist Charivari.
Worry not Legion fans, I'll get to Legion members eventually once I free up from crazy life events.
Until then, cheers... 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Mentalla was a telepathic woman from Titan that wanted to use her powers as a member of the Legion of Super Heroes. Instead asked to train in the Legion Academy. She believed she could infiltrate the Fatal Five to prove her worth to the Legion. Instead, she found her death.
I took some liberties and redesign little things here and there. The whole point of this ongoing Legion designs, is to have fun doing whatever I want, sometimes the actual design it's not that esthetic to my taste. The BG is stock art from a website. Too bad this character is dead, it had potential. 

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Wonder Woman vs Cheetah

By combining two of my old drawings and retouching them up a little I've came up with a new one :)
The Wonder Woman movie it's great. Finally DC comics makes a good super hero movie that stands up to Marvel's standards. It's everything I've always wanted to see in a Wonder Woman movie since I reed her comics as a child. Is entertaining, exciting and it has a lot of heart. Well done Patty Jenkins.
I hope DC and specially Warner Brothers executives learn from this experience and keep making good super hero movies like this one. That would be great!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Sgt Rock and other soldiers I did for a Justice League episode. Here's my little tribute to Memorial Day.

Saturn Dance

Here is my painting number 10, Saturn Dance. The body was based on many photo references, same on the mechanical parts. They were based on different images I've found on Pinterest. I've changed them a lot to match my painting. The face was inspired by my friend Aradia, but clearly was made more mechanical to match the robotic look. She is a mystical belly dancer priestess after all, it seemed the perfect inspiration for this painting. The BG, like most my latest backgrounds it's a bit blurry to create depth. This one it's an example of what I was talking about in my previous posts about not making my paintings so photo realistic to the point some folks won't believe me that I've painted it form scratch myself. This was also printed on a canvas and texturized with some color. Like on the white bottom part, the actual canvas has a lot of texture, it creates a very different feel to it once you see it in front of you. I'm pretty happy with it, hope you like it too.
One more painting to go and gallery then.

Winds of Change

Another digital painting then printed on a canvas and then texturized with gel and some color.
Same as my previous post. It's not a photo or photo collage or a photo that I've painted over. Yes, this is painted from scratch. I did copied elements from different image reference but it is painted. It took me a loooong time to achieve this goal of photo realism.
Since you can manipulate images with photoshop very well, it gives me the tools to reach my goal of photo realism. Some parts I've spent more time trying to make it look more photographic than others. The woman's face was totally made up from different models, the body was based on a friend of mines photo that was gifted to me, I've changed it a lot to blend it better with the whole picture. The BG was very time consuming as well. I feel kind of bad by making it blurry to create that photo realism look but I think it works and gives it depth.
This was printed on a canvas and texturized as well. Another painting ready for my future gallery. 

Gaelic Princess

Gealic Princess it's a piece I've been working on for a long time now. You can see the unfinished version on my earlier posts. I've left it unfinished a long time ago and recently got to it. Here is the final version.
It takes a very long time to make something very photo realistic. I think I've spend too long in Photoshop using the airbrush and smudge tools along with texturizing and blurring things, the photo realism it's too much. To the point some folks don't believe me that I've painted this and they think it's a photo collage or that I've painted over a photo. That kind of bothers me since I've spent a looong time trying to make it look photo realistic. Yes I copied elements from different photo reference images but I didn't paint over them or photo-collaged it. A great artist friend of mine said, well...if you want to make it photo realistic and you achieve your goal don't complaint about people not believing you it's not a photo. 
He has a point. 
I think now that I have reached my goal in photo realism I might try a different style in my next paintings. A style where is less photo realistic and folks can easily see it's painted and not so photo looking so they won't be confused.
This digital painting it's being printed on a canvas gicle style, after that I'll paint over with acrylic and then texturize it.
I have only one painting left to do and then I'll have to look for a gallery that wants to showcase my art.
Until then have a good one folks, hope you like my original art.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Le Sirene

Pencil by Cassegrain clean up and color moi. 
I saw this amazing rough sketch by Didier Cassegrain and I've decided to finish it. 
I truly wish I knew the artist who painted this BG. Please tell me if you know.
An artistic Mermaid team work piece popped out from my studio on this Saturday night.
Hope you folks like it and are having a great week-end!
Au Revoir 

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Brita An'nan is a native of the planet Sklar, a matriarchical society where "piracy" is common. She is also known as Kono. Her mother, a "pirate" saved the life of the mother of the White Witch. In return she was granted her powers. She has the ability to transfer the mass of one object to another, making objects heavier or lighter, or even allowing her to phase through walls. She join the Legion and became Kono.
This is the only other "pirate" related Legion character I can think of. Since Pirates of the Caribbean opens today, here is my piraty tribute fan art.
The BG it's a wallpaper. I wish I knew the artist's name so I can give the proper credit for it.
I think her large feral pet Furball it's next...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Captain Frake

Alisia Frake of New Tortuga, growing up amidst the poverty and lawlessness of New Tortuga led Alisia into the most common profession of the asteroid world...piracy. Quickly gaining a reputation for her ruthlessness, she manned the pirate ship "Antares" with cutthroats and led a successful pirating career until she crossed the path of Ultra Boy, who was floating through space after being killed by Pulsar Stargrave. Captain Frake fell for Ultra Boy, but he turned against her when the Legionnaires arrived on New Tortuga to arrest the pirates. Captain Frake and her crew were killed when the blast from a weapon called the Star Crusher ricochetted of Ultra Boy.
Since Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tells opens today, this was the perfect post for the day. I took some liberties in redesigning the character slightly, for the most part I was faithful to the comics. Well, here is your Legion pirate booty...
And now matey, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum for me, arrr...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Son Goku Super Saiyan God Blue

My version of Goku in Super Saiyan God Blue. I've been keeping up with my Dragon Ball Super. Season five it's been great so far, can't wait until is translated in english and air in the states too.
I love drawing Dragon Ball Super. Let's start the week like a Super Saiyan facing life fearlessly with courage. Dragon Ball makes me happy, may strength and courage be with you through life. Have a good week folks!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sensor Girl

Princess Projectra is a member of the royal family of the planet Orando and has the innate ability to cast powerful illusions, As Sensor Girl, she is a long time member of the Legion of Super Heroes.
Girls and their selfies, even in the future they take selfies. Specially a famous princess superhero.
The BG was based on a design by Irena Seirski, I've added the Legion tower on the back as her bedroom view. On a personal note, I got too much going on at once in my private life, I apologize to the fans if I don't post a Legion piece as often. But I'll do my best to draw a Legionnaire here and there.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Sonar was a prospective member of the Legion of Super Heroes, but was rejected. She had the ability to hear very well underwater. She was a bit overweight, so she did a 90 days transformational work out and ended up looking like this. Sorry, but I enjoy drawing beautiful fit women only, it's my thing. Long Live the Legion!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Policy Pam

Policy Pam is a superhero / insurance salesperson from the 31st Century. She has the power to sell any type of insurance policy to anyone and compulsively does with people she meets.
I think she trained with Polar Boy. Some characters powers from the Legion Universe are way beyond ridiculous, like this one. 
The BG needed a little work, I got it from google images. I have no idea who made it, I believe you can purchase the 3D model and it's royalty free.
Long Live the Legion!

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Dev-Em, youth from the planet Krypton who was on his way to becoming a criminal but eventually reformed. He is also one of Krypton's only survivors of it's destruction. He is a member of the Interstellar Counter Intelligence Corps and ally to the Legion of Super Heroes.
The BG is a wall paper from an alien landscape wallpapers website, don't really know who's the autor.
This one took me some time. No matter what I did, I wasn't happy with it. I did many passes to get it to this point where I'm ok with it. I've tried some different shadowing that resembled the original costume design. I've also added new little touches here and there. I thought the original design was kind of plain and needed something extra. 
Hope you like it.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Virus was a prospective member of the Legion of Super Heroes, but she was rejected. She had poor control over her ability to cause others to be sick. Obviously her powers are causing others to be sick.
The BG is from Pixel Lab, was made by Remco. Nice website where they have free C4D 3D models.
Stay in good health, take your vitamins and mineral. Don't get any viruses, keep that inmune system high. Til' next time folks.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Ringtoss is a student at the Legion Academy. He is an alien with the ability to project rings of energy.
I guess the Legion Academy was renamed the United Planets Military Academy at that time.
For those who doesn't know, this is part of the Legion of Super Heroes in the 30th Century at the DC Comics Universe.
The BG is from Tyler Mcintosh.
More Legionnaires coming up...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Plant Lad

Real name Noyt Echad, Plant Lad had the power to change into various plant forms. he was one of various super heroes who was captured by Nardo, the warden of a prison planet. Some Legion members were also captured at one point, and after many attempts to escape they succeeded. But prior to the jail break, Noyt's nerves cracked while working in the prison yard. When he changed into the form of a Venusian Octopus Vine, he attacked the guards and was shot to death. The end.
The BG is from a wall decoration poster, I don't know who the artist is. 
This was supposed to be my St Patty's Day post. A little delayed based on an eventful weekend.
Note the arm detail was inspired by Bernie Wrightson who just passed away on March 19th. 
Thank you for the inspiration and all the amazing art Bernie, rest in peace. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


This version of Batgirl first appear in the Tales of the Legion of Super Heroes number 339 as a tryout.
This is not Barbara Gordon, the regular Batgirl we all know. This is a futuristic version in the 30th Century. I know very little of this character but I thought it was fun to draw and color. 
Feel free to comment more details on her if you like for other fans that may not know much about her like myself. It's slightly resembling the Bruce Timm style as a tribute. 
Hope you are liking my Legion tryouts, the most ridiculous ones are the best.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Arm Fall Off Boy

Arm fall Off Boy is perhaps the most famous Legion reject, most because he is considerer to be one of the most ridiculous characters in comics. 
The bg was made by the talented Nils Eckhardt. Modified by myself to match the character better.
Legion rejects are sure fun to draw and funny as well. 
I may switch to actually doing some real Legionnaires, whatever is left...
Any suggestions?

Friday, March 10, 2017


Voice was a prospect member of the Legion of Super Heroes, but was rejected. She has the power to mesmerize only the dull and slow people under a lot of stress. 
However after this she and the rest of the group that got rejected with her formed the United Planets Young Heroes. It didn't work out so well.
I don't know the who the BG artist is. I've changed it just a bit.
There are only a few actual Legionnaires to draw left, that's why I'm exploring applicants and rejects.
The whole point is to have fun doing this personal mission to draw every legionnaire that ever existed. Perhaps one day in the not so distant future I'll accomplish my mission.
Until then...Long Live the Legion!
And have a good weekend too...

Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Real name Bogdan Tarka, he was a Legion applicant for membership. Turtle's powers were deemed defensive only and he was deemed not suitable for membership. He along with Night Girl and Sizzle were granted Legion Reserve Status. His powers are invulnerability. I don't know who the BG artist is, otherwise I'll give him the deserved credit for it.
I believe this character dies in the comics. The End...

Thursday, March 02, 2017


Granddaughter of barry Allen, aka The Flash. Jenni Ognats carries on the family tradition as the 31st Century speedster, XS.
In Dead Heat, Jenni meets her cousin Bart Allen and other speedsters in the 20th century to take on Savitar. XS appeared in Infinity Crisis and in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.
Ironically I did this one very fast and for whatever reason I always enjoy drawing speedsters.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Blue Lantern Saint Walker

When I went comic book shopping today, I saw a cover with this character in it. I thought it was so cool looking, got really inspired and here is my version. Also I like to take a little break from drawing obscure Legion of Superheroes characters from time to time. 
Sorry Legion fans, I'll keep them coming soon enough.
Saint Walker is the first recruit to the Blue Lantern Corps, as well as it;s most recognizable. 
He was vital in freeing Hal Jordan from the influence of the red Lantern ring, and one of the New Guardians after the Blackest Night. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Infinity Man

The original character was a fragment of the Highfather and a protector of the Forever People from New Genesis. Created by Jack Kirby, the artist who got me into comic books when I was a kid. As a tribute to Kirby I had to somewhat draw it in the Kirby style. I also mixed it up with other versions from the comic books and I borrowed elements from the Young Justice cartoon. I felt like creating something new. The BG it's a Nebula Wallpaper. 
However in the Legion universe the character's true name is Jason Rugarth who was a profesor at the Metropolis University's Time Travel Institute. He volunteer for an experiment involving time travel with Ron Vidar. He returned as Infinity Man.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Duplicate Girl

Luornu Durgo is native of Cargg. a planet with three suns, which gives her the ability to split into three identical bodies. As Triplicate Girl she became one of the first members of the Legion. She lost one of her duplicates during battle becoming Duo Damsel. Later on she lost her only double remaining and almost left the Legion. But Luorno recently gained the ability to split into a virtual endless number of bodies and calls herself Duplicate Girl.
The BG is from the talented Tor Frick, I've changed the colors to match Luornu and her duplicates.
I've also based this one on my old version of Triplicate Girl and decided to slightly redesign her outfit.
Hope you like it, hope you like it, hope you like it...

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Mandalla was born on Takron-Galtos, the prison planet, because her mother was an inmate. At the age of 14 she left the planet and joined the legion Academy. I think she first apear in a comic in 1987, possibly a Legion Annual.
She can project a thought sphere to engulf her target, causing hallucinatory, distorting effects by interfering with one's bio-electrical system. Mandalla received intense training on how to use her powers.
The BG is from the talented Andead on deviant art. 
Since I've done most of my fav Legionnaires, I think from this point it's Legion Academy members and obscure tryout rejects.
Long Live the Legion!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Barber Boy

It is I! Barber Boy!..You have to admit there's a lot of Legion characters that are hilarious. 
He is a Legion reject who had a pair of scissors for a right hand and could shoot hair-styling mousse from his eyes. Enough said...
I did my best to come up with an updated version of the classic comic book panel.
The BG is from Andree Walling, or whatever is left of it after I got my hands on it to adapt it to the characters better. 
I'm sure Legion fans would get a kick out of this one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Real name Rhent Ustin is a four eyed mutant at the Legion Academy. His home world is unknown.
Extensive research into his vision powers was inconclusive, but was determined to be from a mutation rather than any surgical or genetic alteration. His powers include heat vision, hypnotic vision, telescopic vision and microscopic vision. There powers come from using his four eyes in different combinations. Rhent may have more combos and abilities not discovered yet.
He applied to and was accepted into the Legion Academy as Visi-Lad.
I got the BG from Shutterstock and play with it a bit.
Long Live the Legion.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Pew...Polecat aka Dafe Meron was horn-like protrusions. The horns emit a highly noxious odor. This occurrence made Meron a social outcast. As polecat, he applied for membership in the The Lagion of Super Heroes in hopes of elevating his popularity. He was rejected on the basis that his power was threat to both allies and enemies alike. BG made by Nicolai Karelin.

Shadow Kid

Real name Grev Mallor cousin or brother of Shadow Lass with the same ability to cast absolute darkness. He is a member of the Legion Academy. Originally from the planet Talok VIII.
Here is my futuristic version where he is wearing a Legion ring and became a member.
For the BG I've cloned a building from Turbosquid and added some clouds behind, as a result a got this. I think it serves it purpose.
Long Live the Legion!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Quislet is a member of the Legion of Super Heroes. His alter ego it's unpronounceable. He is a member of a subatomic race of group minded beings from another dimension. Quilt lives in a small vessel capable of movement in space, in planetary atmospheres and between certain types of dimensions. He can emerge from the vessel as an energy like form and possess inanimate solid objets, exerting control over them. Objects that Quislet possesses disintegrate shortly thereafter.
The BG it's a wallpaper galaxy image I've tempered with. Kinda fun airbrushing that metallic look. 
I know it's not humanoid but is a Legionnaire after all and I had to take a shot at it in my style.
Long Live the Legion.