Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Sgt Rock and other soldiers I did for a Justice League episode. Here's my little tribute to Memorial Day.

Saturn Dance

Here is my painting number 10, Saturn Dance. The body was based on many photo references, same on the mechanical parts. They were based on different images I've found on Pinterest. I've changed them a lot to match my painting. The face was inspired by my friend Aradia, but clearly was made more mechanical to match the robotic look. She is a mystical belly dancer priestess after all, it seemed the perfect inspiration for this painting. The BG, like most my latest backgrounds it's a bit blurry to create depth. This one it's an example of what I was talking about in my previous posts about not making my paintings so photo realistic to the point some folks won't believe me that I've painted it form scratch myself. This was also printed on a canvas and texturized with some color. Like on the white bottom part, the actual canvas has a lot of texture, it creates a very different feel to it once you see it in front of you. I'm pretty happy with it, hope you like it too.
One more painting to go and gallery then.

Winds of Change

Another digital painting then printed on a canvas and then texturized with gel and some color.
Same as my previous post. It's not a photo or photo collage or a photo that I've painted over. Yes, this is painted from scratch. I did copied elements from different image reference but it is painted. It took me a loooong time to achieve this goal of photo realism.
Since you can manipulate images with photoshop very well, it gives me the tools to reach my goal of photo realism. Some parts I've spent more time trying to make it look more photographic than others. The woman's face was totally made up from different models, the body was based on a friend of mines photo that was gifted to me, I've changed it a lot to blend it better with the whole picture. The BG was very time consuming as well. I feel kind of bad by making it blurry to create that photo realism look but I think it works and gives it depth.
This was printed on a canvas and texturized as well. Another painting ready for my future gallery. 

Gaelic Princess

Gealic Princess it's a piece I've been working on for a long time now. You can see the unfinished version on my earlier posts. I've left it unfinished a long time ago and recently got to it. Here is the final version.
It takes a very long time to make something very photo realistic. I think I've spend too long in Photoshop using the airbrush and smudge tools along with texturizing and blurring things, the photo realism it's too much. To the point some folks don't believe me that I've painted this and they think it's a photo collage or that I've painted over a photo. That kind of bothers me since I've spent a looong time trying to make it look photo realistic. Yes I copied elements from different photo reference images but I didn't paint over them or photo-collaged it. A great artist friend of mine said, well...if you want to make it photo realistic and you achieve your goal don't complaint about people not believing you it's not a photo. 
He has a point. 
I think now that I have reached my goal in photo realism I might try a different style in my next paintings. A style where is less photo realistic and folks can easily see it's painted and not so photo looking so they won't be confused.
This digital painting it's being printed on a canvas gicle style, after that I'll paint over with acrylic and then texturize it.
I have only one painting left to do and then I'll have to look for a gallery that wants to showcase my art.
Until then have a good one folks, hope you like my original art.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Le Sirene

Pencil by Cassegrain clean up and color moi. 
I saw this amazing rough sketch by Didier Cassegrain and I've decided to finish it. 
I truly wish I knew the artist who painted this BG. Please tell me if you know.
An artistic Mermaid team work piece popped out from my studio on this Saturday night.
Hope you folks like it and are having a great week-end!
Au Revoir 

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Brita An'nan is a native of the planet Sklar, a matriarchical society where "piracy" is common. She is also known as Kono. Her mother, a "pirate" saved the life of the mother of the White Witch. In return she was granted her powers. She has the ability to transfer the mass of one object to another, making objects heavier or lighter, or even allowing her to phase through walls. She join the Legion and became Kono.
This is the only other "pirate" related Legion character I can think of. Since Pirates of the Caribbean opens today, here is my piraty tribute fan art.
The BG it's a wallpaper. I wish I knew the artist's name so I can give the proper credit for it.
I think her large feral pet Furball it's next...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Captain Frake

Alisia Frake of New Tortuga, growing up amidst the poverty and lawlessness of New Tortuga led Alisia into the most common profession of the asteroid world...piracy. Quickly gaining a reputation for her ruthlessness, she manned the pirate ship "Antares" with cutthroats and led a successful pirating career until she crossed the path of Ultra Boy, who was floating through space after being killed by Pulsar Stargrave. Captain Frake fell for Ultra Boy, but he turned against her when the Legionnaires arrived on New Tortuga to arrest the pirates. Captain Frake and her crew were killed when the blast from a weapon called the Star Crusher ricochetted of Ultra Boy.
Since Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tells opens today, this was the perfect post for the day. I took some liberties in redesigning the character slightly, for the most part I was faithful to the comics. Well, here is your Legion pirate booty...
And now matey, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum for me, arrr...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Son Goku Super Saiyan God Blue

My version of Goku in Super Saiyan God Blue. I've been keeping up with my Dragon Ball Super. Season five it's been great so far, can't wait until is translated in english and air in the states too.
I love drawing Dragon Ball Super. Let's start the week like a Super Saiyan facing life fearlessly with courage. Dragon Ball makes me happy, may strength and courage be with you through life. Have a good week folks!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sensor Girl

Princess Projectra is a member of the royal family of the planet Orando and has the innate ability to cast powerful illusions, As Sensor Girl, she is a long time member of the Legion of Super Heroes.
Girls and their selfies, even in the future they take selfies. Specially a famous princess superhero.
The BG was based on a design by Irena Seirski, I've added the Legion tower on the back as her bedroom view. On a personal note, I got too much going on at once in my private life, I apologize to the fans if I don't post a Legion piece as often. But I'll do my best to draw a Legionnaire here and there.