Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tigra vs. Cheetah

It doesn't get any more cat fight than this, Tigra vs, Cheetah. Inspired by Frank Cho's beautiful art I decided to come up with another cat fight I always wanted to see in the comics world.
Tigra also known as Greer Grant is a super heroine in the Marvel Comics universe. Introduced as the non-superpowered crime fighter The Cat in Claws of the Cat #1 (Nov. 1972), she was co-created by writer-editor Roy Thomas, writer Linda Fite, and penciler Marie Severin. She mutated into the superpowered tiger-woman Tigra in Giant-Size Creatures #1 (July 1974). "The Tigra" it's also the historical defender/champion of the Cat People, a humanoid race created by sorcery during the Dark Ages.
The Cheetah is a super villainess in the DC Comics universe. Commonly regarded as the archenemy of Wonder Woman, the Cheetah first appeared in 1943 in Wonder Woman #6 (volume 1), written by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston. Since then, the character has undergone several updates as comic book continuities have evolved and shifted. Indeed, there have been four different Cheetahs since the character's premiere, including Priscilla Rich (the Golden Age Cheetah), Deborah Domaine (the Silver Age Cheetah), Barbara Ann Minerva (the modern age and current Cheetah), and Sebastian Ballesteros (a male usurper who briefly assumed the role in 2001). I choose the third Cheetah, the british anthropologist Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva.
Changing the subject, I'll be working two jobs starting next week (Ben 10 and The Simpsons) That means I won't be able to come up with my Versus Series for a while, sorry folks. I'll definitely do some more when ever I can. Coming up with the "Versus" series it's a lot of fun and extremely addictive. I hope you liked my last post for the next few weeks.


Jefferson R. Weekley said...

Hey Tommy,
Great looking blog. Nice work.
I put a link to your blog over at mine.
See you at work.

Rustedone said...

Loser gives the winner a tongue bath?

Artistically the lone nitpick I have is that Barbara's eyeline doesn't *quite* line up to make eye contact with Greer, but other than that it's a superb action piece. I especially like the effort you put into getting both ladies' markings right (some of Tigra's earlier appearances had it that no matter what angle you looked at her, the stripes were evenly sized and spaced and coming from the sides in a wraparound).

As for the scenario itself, smart money's on Cheetah. Tigra would fight valiantly, but Cheetah trades shots with Wonder Woman on a regular basis, putting her well out of Greer's weight class (No, Barb's appearances in Catwoman don't count). A great match thematically, not so great in practicality.

Tommy T said...

Thank you so much RustedOne, very kind compliments. Cheetah it's looking at Tigra's claw about to strike, I got kind of tired doing all battles making "eye contact".
Good observation though.
Thanks again.