Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Infinity Man

The original character was a fragment of the Highfather and a protector of the Forever People from New Genesis. Created by Jack Kirby, the artist who got me into comic books when I was a kid. As a tribute to Kirby I had to somewhat draw it in the Kirby style. I also mixed it up with other versions from the comic books and I borrowed elements from the Young Justice cartoon. I felt like creating something new. The BG it's a Nebula Wallpaper. 
However in the Legion universe the character's true name is Jason Rugarth who was a profesor at the Metropolis University's Time Travel Institute. He volunteer for an experiment involving time travel with Ron Vidar. He returned as Infinity Man.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Duplicate Girl

Luornu Durgo is native of Cargg. a planet with three suns, which gives her the ability to split into three identical bodies. As Triplicate Girl she became one of the first members of the Legion. She lost one of her duplicates during battle becoming Duo Damsel. Later on she lost her only double remaining and almost left the Legion. But Luorno recently gained the ability to split into a virtual endless number of bodies and calls herself Duplicate Girl.
The BG is from the talented Tor Frick, I've changed the colors to match Luornu and her duplicates.
I've also based this one on my old version of Triplicate Girl and decided to slightly redesign her outfit.
Hope you like it, hope you like it, hope you like it...

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Mandalla was born on Takron-Galtos, the prison planet, because her mother was an inmate. At the age of 14 she left the planet and joined the legion Academy. I think she first apear in a comic in 1987, possibly a Legion Annual.
She can project a thought sphere to engulf her target, causing hallucinatory, distorting effects by interfering with one's bio-electrical system. Mandalla received intense training on how to use her powers.
The BG is from the talented Andead on deviant art. 
Since I've done most of my fav Legionnaires, I think from this point it's Legion Academy members and obscure tryout rejects.
Long Live the Legion!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Barber Boy

It is I! Barber Boy!..You have to admit there's a lot of Legion characters that are hilarious. 
He is a Legion reject who had a pair of scissors for a right hand and could shoot hair-styling mousse from his eyes. Enough said...
I did my best to come up with an updated version of the classic comic book panel.
The BG is from Andree Walling, or whatever is left of it after I got my hands on it to adapt it to the characters better. 
I'm sure Legion fans would get a kick out of this one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Real name Rhent Ustin is a four eyed mutant at the Legion Academy. His home world is unknown.
Extensive research into his vision powers was inconclusive, but was determined to be from a mutation rather than any surgical or genetic alteration. His powers include heat vision, hypnotic vision, telescopic vision and microscopic vision. There powers come from using his four eyes in different combinations. Rhent may have more combos and abilities not discovered yet.
He applied to and was accepted into the Legion Academy as Visi-Lad.
I got the BG from Shutterstock and play with it a bit.
Long Live the Legion.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Pew...Polecat aka Dafe Meron was horn-like protrusions. The horns emit a highly noxious odor. This occurrence made Meron a social outcast. As polecat, he applied for membership in the The Lagion of Super Heroes in hopes of elevating his popularity. He was rejected on the basis that his power was threat to both allies and enemies alike. BG made by Nicolai Karelin.

Shadow Kid

Real name Grev Mallor cousin or brother of Shadow Lass with the same ability to cast absolute darkness. He is a member of the Legion Academy. Originally from the planet Talok VIII.
Here is my futuristic version where he is wearing a Legion ring and became a member.
For the BG I've cloned a building from Turbosquid and added some clouds behind, as a result a got this. I think it serves it purpose.
Long Live the Legion!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Quislet is a member of the Legion of Super Heroes. His alter ego it's unpronounceable. He is a member of a subatomic race of group minded beings from another dimension. Quilt lives in a small vessel capable of movement in space, in planetary atmospheres and between certain types of dimensions. He can emerge from the vessel as an energy like form and possess inanimate solid objets, exerting control over them. Objects that Quislet possesses disintegrate shortly thereafter.
The BG it's a wallpaper galaxy image I've tempered with. Kinda fun airbrushing that metallic look. 
I know it's not humanoid but is a Legionnaire after all and I had to take a shot at it in my style.
Long Live the Legion.