Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stone Boy

Stone Boy was born Dag Wentim on the planet Zwen. All people on the planet Zwen can petrify their bodies into stone. They developed this ability to put themselves into suspended animation for their planets six-month long nights. Dag's hair is not affected by the transformation. Also, while Stone Boy is in his petrified form, he cannot move. Through practice and concentration Dag can turn just part of his body into stone, such as his fist. He tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes, but was rejected when his power was deemed too static to accomplish anything positive. Along with several other failed applicants, he helped to form the Legion of Substitute HeroesIn the "Five Years Later" Legion continuity, Stone Boy is shown to have gained the ability to move while in stone form. 
Originally I was gonna post some joke about him being a stoner, but since I had an accident at home where all my pond fish died I'm very sad and in no mood for joking around.
This beautiful BG was originally done by my friend Alex Ruiz, check out his website for some other great artwork at I did go over a little to match the character better. And since the original Stone Boy's design was orange I thought it was somewhat Halloween related. 

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