Thursday, December 05, 2013

Rainbow Girl

Dori Aandraison is from the planet Xolnar in the 30th-Century, Don hoped to become a Legionnaire as a stepping stone towards a career as a holovid actress. She won a trip to Metropolis where Legion of Super Heroes tryout were being held by using her powers in the "Miss Xolnar" contest. Rainbow Girl's powers gave her a heightened pheromonic field which made her personality irresistable to everyone while surrounding her in a corruscating field of light resembling a rainbow. Unfortunately, she did not gain legion membership. Rather than returning to Xolnar, she married Irveang Polamar, a member of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Metropolis, so she could remain on Earth. Dori once again works with the Substitute heroes, who become a resistance cell when Earth becomes a closed off and xenophobic society. Dori and the Substitutes assist in overthrowing the xenophobicJustice League and saving Earth from an invasion of an alien coalition.
The BG was made by the talented Australian artist Steve Galea. I picked this BG cause it reminds me of Metropolis and of course I added the rainbow to match Rainbow Girl.
I also based this pose on one modeling shot from my friend Anna Bliss. Not only she is a great model she is also a hypnotherapist and a super-counscious spiritual burner, it was perfect for Rainbow Girl.  

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