Friday, July 18, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy rough pencil

And for my 282 post...It's been a while since I post a rough pencil to share my creative process.
I remember I loved the comic book when I was a kid. Well just about anything that was galactic I was into it, actually I still am LOL.
This piece was all done digitally with my Cintiq. I still have to clean it up and color it, I found a BG from a wallpaper website that fits perfectly. Can't wait to finish it but it may take a while, specially since my computer fell down the stairs and it'll be at the repair shop for a while.
The original 31st century team from an alternative time-line of the Marvel Universe called the Guardians of the Galaxy are a superhero team that appear in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Guardians first appear in Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (Jan. 1969). 
The modern version of the team was formed in the aftermath of Annihilation: Conquest in 2008.
The film about to come out it's based on the 2008 comic book.
Hope you like it. Happy Friday!