Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Emmy Award

Here is my fourth Emmy Award for being part of the show.
"Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" is the ninth episode of The Simpsons' nineteenth season, and was first broadcast on December 16, 2007 on FOX. The episode averaged 10.15 million viewers, winning in its time slot and receiving a 12 percent audience share. The episode follows Homer's attempts to recall a deliberately forgotten memory from the previous night.
Directed by Chuck Sheetz.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Atom Eve

I was doing some comics shopping last Wednesday at the House of Secrets and being surrounded by all that great art got me inspired. Suddenly I had the idea of drawing an Atom Eve from the Invincible in the Bill Presing style. I thought it would be cool to see a sexy cartoony version of that lovely character. And here's my first pass. Even when I know I should be doing storyboards and key frames for Terranova in my free time, I couldn't resist having some fun.