Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It seemed appropriate to do Monstress near Halloween. I didn't want to do the green version since that looked too much like She Hulk! The background Film BG was colored by Young Joons. I added a few little details. Now, for the character bio...
Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III was born with pure white skin and had brown hair. She discovered that her beloved father had impoverished workers in his labor farms which numbered in the hundreds. She was shocked by this revelation, not agreeing with it and doing her best to rally for the workers. Candi's appearance was radically changed when a gene bomb exploded in one of her father's plants, transforming her into a hued giantess. Discovering super strength and invulnerability, Candi adopted the name Monstress. As one of the few denizens of the planet with superpowers she was then recruited into the Legion of Super-HeroesCandi took on the big sister-type role towards many of the Legionnaires. Strong, compassionate, sweet, and honest. As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Monstress was also given a Legion flight ring, transuit, and telepathic ear plugs. 
After an epic adventure in an alien galaxy Element Lad was found. Element Lad had become a changed man after being lost in both time and space. He had been alone for billions of years, his way of thinking greatly altered and believing himself to be the Progenitor of the entire galaxy. When he found out his old friend Monstress wasn't one of his creations, he deemed her a "variant" and killed her. Monstress was mourned by her teammates and a statue was erected in her honor on Legion World. RIP.

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