Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Future Girl

Lori Morning is a young girl that was taken to the future and watched over by the Legion of Super-Heroes. She eventually gained an item called the H-Dial that granted her random super powers and joined the Workforce. Here she is as Future Girl, one of her many forms. I'm hoping to draw all her aliases eventually. This BG was originally a hallucinogenic wallpaper that I went over to create this FX. For those few people out there that actually read my posts, know that I will continue posting Legionnaires as usual in despite of my facebook vacation. I was burned up from a middle age crisis and needed a break.
Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Future Girl isn't an H-Dial identity, though.

She IS the real Lori, aged into adulthood by chronal energy. She actually spent some time in that form, but I like the other costume she uses while she was grown-up (a pink one)

Great art, by the way!

Tommy T said...

Good info, thank you. I love to know the history and facts of the characters I draw.
I actually don't even know what the pink costume looks like, I wish I had some reference when I drew this one.
Thanks again.