Thursday, February 23, 2017


Mandalla was born on Takron-Galtos, the prison planet, because her mother was an inmate. At the age of 14 she left the planet and joined the legion Academy. I think she first apear in a comic in 1987, possibly a Legion Annual.
She can project a thought sphere to engulf her target, causing hallucinatory, distorting effects by interfering with one's bio-electrical system. Mandalla received intense training on how to use her powers.
The BG is from the talented Andead on deviant art. 
Since I've done most of my fav Legionnaires, I think from this point it's Legion Academy members and obscure tryout rejects.
Long Live the Legion!


BITS Boy said...

You haven't done Command Kid, Nemesis Kid, Sat Queen/Cosmic King/Lightning Lord, who were all members at some stage :)

Tommy T said...

That's true. I would need to find some reference first. I had Nemesis Kid on my list thou.

BITS Boy said...

And Dynamo Boy :)