Monday, March 20, 2017

Plant Lad

Real name Noyt Echad, Plant Lad had the power to change into various plant forms. he was one of various super heroes who was captured by Nardo, the warden of a prison planet. Some Legion members were also captured at one point, and after many attempts to escape they succeeded. But prior to the jail break, Noyt's nerves cracked while working in the prison yard. When he changed into the form of a Venusian Octopus Vine, he attacked the guards and was shot to death. The end.
The BG is from a wall decoration poster, I don't know who the artist is. 
This was supposed to be my St Patty's Day post. A little delayed based on an eventful weekend.
Note the arm detail was inspired by Bernie Wrightson who just passed away on March 19th. 
Thank you for the inspiration and all the amazing art Bernie, rest in peace. 

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