Monday, May 29, 2017

Winds of Change

Another digital painting then printed on a canvas and then texturized with gel and some color.
Same as my previous post. It's not a photo or photo collage or a photo that I've painted over. Yes, this is painted from scratch. I did copied elements from different image reference but it is painted. It took me a loooong time to achieve this goal of photo realism.
Since you can manipulate images with photoshop very well, it gives me the tools to reach my goal of photo realism. Some parts I've spent more time trying to make it look more photographic than others. The woman's face was totally made up from different models, the body was based on a friend of mines photo that was gifted to me, I've changed it a lot to blend it better with the whole picture. The BG was very time consuming as well. I feel kind of bad by making it blurry to create that photo realism look but I think it works and gives it depth.
This was printed on a canvas and texturized as well. Another painting ready for my future gallery. 

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