Monday, May 29, 2017

Saturn Dance

Here is my painting number 10, Saturn Dance. The body was based on many photo references, same on the mechanical parts. They were based on different images I've found on Pinterest. I've changed them a lot to match my painting. The face was inspired by my friend Aradia, but clearly was made more mechanical to match the robotic look. She is a mystical belly dancer priestess after all, it seemed the perfect inspiration for this painting. The BG, like most my latest backgrounds it's a bit blurry to create depth. This one it's an example of what I was talking about in my previous posts about not making my paintings so photo realistic to the point some folks won't believe me that I've painted it form scratch myself. This was also printed on a canvas and texturized with some color. Like on the white bottom part, the actual canvas has a lot of texture, it creates a very different feel to it once you see it in front of you. I'm pretty happy with it, hope you like it too.
One more painting to go and gallery then.

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