Monday, February 27, 2017

Duplicate Girl

Luornu Durgo is native of Cargg. a planet with three suns, which gives her the ability to split into three identical bodies. As Triplicate Girl she became one of the first members of the Legion. She lost one of her duplicates during battle becoming Duo Damsel. Later on she lost her only double remaining and almost left the Legion. But Luorno recently gained the ability to split into a virtual endless number of bodies and calls herself Duplicate Girl.
The BG is from the talented Tor Frick, I've changed the colors to match Luornu and her duplicates.
I've also based this one on my old version of Triplicate Girl and decided to slightly redesign her outfit.
Hope you like it, hope you like it, hope you like it...


djessiex said...

Ha, I see what you did there at the end, LOL. She looks totally awesome and its cool how you "upgraded" the picture just like her power upgrade. They have announced another LOSH series coming soon, I hope she's in it and gets to keep the new power. Thanks for all your hard work for us!!!

Tommy T said...

Thank you. Yeah I used my Triplicate Girl design and upgraded her, after all it is the same character.
I hope the new LOSH it's done by a great artist.