Monday, March 13, 2017

Arm Fall Off Boy

Arm fall Off Boy is perhaps the most famous Legion reject, most because he is considerer to be one of the most ridiculous characters in comics. 
The bg was made by the talented Nils Eckhardt. Modified by myself to match the character better.
Legion rejects are sure fun to draw and funny as well. 
I may switch to actually doing some real Legionnaires, whatever is left...
Any suggestions?


BITS Boy said...

Hey Tommy! It's St Patrick's Day! The perfect day to draw the Legion's only Irish member, Devlin O'Ryan (or Reflex)!!

BITS Boy said...

Hi Tommy, speaking of Reflex … you seem to have forgotten the members from his era such as:
Kent Shakespeare

Also I’d love to see these Academy members (just Google for references):

Jagged , R327, Ringtoss (really cool appearance), Rush, Tiger Girl, Cannus, Tomb, Brawler
Mwindaji and Otaki

Tommy T said...

OMG this are all new names to me. Your post is a fountain of knowledge. Perfect source to complete my lifetime mission.
I'm currently working on Plant Lad for St Patty's Day, almost done. I'm still working on the BG,
For sure gonna google those characters and add them to my secret list. Thank you for that.
I already have Kent and Kono on my list thou.

Oh God I still got so many legionnaire related characters left.
I hope drawing so many Legion charactersI doesn't turns me into the Count of Montecrsito.
Drawing away with shackles with a long beard to the floor for what it would seem like an eternity...

I'll keep em' coming, just for the love to the Legion Universe.