Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Quislet is a member of the Legion of Super Heroes. His alter ego it's unpronounceable. He is a member of a subatomic race of group minded beings from another dimension. Quilt lives in a small vessel capable of movement in space, in planetary atmospheres and between certain types of dimensions. He can emerge from the vessel as an energy like form and possess inanimate solid objets, exerting control over them. Objects that Quislet possesses disintegrate shortly thereafter.
The BG it's a wallpaper galaxy image I've tempered with. Kinda fun airbrushing that metallic look. 
I know it's not humanoid but is a Legionnaire after all and I had to take a shot at it in my style.
Long Live the Legion.  


djessiex said...

Absolutely stunning and on point, as usual, your legion artwork is top tier!! Are planning on doing Nemesis Kid, Duplicate Girl, or Shadow Kid?

Tommy T said...

Thank you so much. Yeah in time I'll get to them for sure.

BITS Boy said...

Tommy's back!!!

BITS Boy said...

djessiex, who's Duplicate Girl? No such character

Tommy T said...

Duplicate Girl/Damsel (Retroboot): Luornu finally received a major power upgrade in current Legion continuity. She now has the power to split herself into an apparently endless number of identical bodies no matter where she is. It is not yet known if there is any upper limit to her duplication ability. To reflect her newfound power she changed her code name to Duplicate Damsel and then to Duplicate Girl, though she has gone back to wearing a variation of her classic 1970's Duo Damsel costume.