Monday, November 28, 2016


The interesting thing about this drawing is I didn't know Echo was a villain until I was done drawing it. I've researched it afterwords and found out the truth. I have a folder with a whole bunch of Legionnaires reference to complete my mission to draw every Legionnaire ever. I've found echo there and the design seemed interesting to explore. I was under the impression he was a hero. Oh well...
The scoop, the first Echo was a villain who was an enemy of Lee Travis, the Crimson Avenger. He debuted in March 1941 in Detective Comics # 49.
The second Echo (this drawing) debuted in Adventure Comics # 355 in April 1967 as a member of the Legion of Super Villains from the Khundish planet Calish-Aelita. 
The post Crisis Echo was an interim member of the Legion of Super Heroes during the five years later storyline. 
The BG credits go to Scribblebian for Music Video. I've added some elements to blended all.
Life goes on, until next Legionnaire. 

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