Sunday, January 12, 2014

Calamity King

Calamity King aka E. Davis Ester was born on Touston and eventually realized that he was the source of everyone's bad luck. He was a walking jinx and decided to try to put his powers to good use. During the Imperiex campaign, he applied for membership to the Legion of Superheroes as Calamity King. He was rejected because his powers created an equal amount of danger for his allies and enemies, alike. Powers: Bad Luck. Calamity King has the power to cause bad luck both physically or mentally to those around him. His bad luck effects both the animate and inanimate objects. It appears he has no control over this effect. The BG Sci Fi City 02 was made by Nkabuto, found it at his Deviant Art page. I went over it since it was a little more rough than what I usually use for backgrounds, nevertheless I still like the rough state and somehow feels right for Calamity King.
Try not to look at this image for too long just in case, it may bring you bad luck, who knows...

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