Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Legion of Super Heroes

Ta Daaah! 
And right on time for Comic Con 2015 ladies and gents may I present to you: "The Legion of Super Heroes Monstruos Group Shot!"
As I mentioned before, Legion fans keep in mind this group shot doesn't actually have a continuity timeline. In fact it doesn't make any sense! I was just adding every single character I've drawn that was Legion related all in one mega poster. There are even Wanderers, Heroes of Lallor, dead characters, Blast Off and Wildfire which are one and the same, 60's and contemporary characters. Sorry for the big enchilada mess!
I'll continue adding characters as I get them done from this point on. 
Perhaps one day I'll be done.
Hope you all like it!
Have a great Comic Con if you are planing to attend. 
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