Friday, July 03, 2015

Legion Group Shot Sneak Peek

And why not, I almost never show unfinished work. Here is a sneak peek of my secret long lasting project "The Legion of Super Heroes Monstrous Group Shot!"
Legion fans keep in mind this group shot doesn't actually have a continuity timeline. In fact it doesn't make any sense! I was just adding every single character I've drawn that was Legion related all in one mega poster. There are even Wanderers, Heroes of Lallor, dead characters, 60's and contemporary characters. Sorry for the big enchilada mess!
I'll do my best to add a BG and post the whole thing by Comic Con next week!
Even after that I'll continue adding every character that I'll draw in the future. Perhaps in possibly another year it may actually be fully completed.
Since time doesn't actually exist and the linear concept of time was created by humans to orientate themselves, or at least that's what they think. Just a matter of time and I'll be done one day...
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Hope you like it so far!
Happy 4th everyone!!! :)

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