Sunday, August 25, 2013


And right on cue for Burning Man, seemed like the right character to draw before the burn.
If you don't know what Burning Man is click here.
When I was looking to see what Legion of Super Heroes character I didn't draw yet, I came across Inferno. She looks like she could easily be a burner because of her outfit, and in top of it she has the power of fire. I can totally see a girl like this cruising the playa on her pimped out bike with hot rod flames. And yes I'll be at Burning Man, so no art for a while, sorry.

Inferno (alias Sandy Anderson of the planet Earth) is a superheroine in the DC Comics universe. The character is a former ally of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future, but currently resides in the present day. Sandy has ability to generate and manipulate fire. Inferno was created by Tom Peyer and Jeff Moy. Inferno was not in the original Legion continuity, although she may have bases on a character named Beauty Blaze who created for the Legion of Super-Villains, but ultimately unused.
For those who are beginning soon on their journey to the flames, have a great burn and drive safe!

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