Friday, August 16, 2013


Laurel Gand, aka codename Andromeda, is a superheroine in the 30th/31st-century DC Comics universe, and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She was created as a replacement for Supergirl in post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Legion continuity. She was also inspired by elements of Superman's supposed descendant Laurel Kent.
Laurel Gand spent most of her life in a White Triangle community, being indoctrinated in the "horrors" of interspecies co-operation before the Triangle's political clout led her to become the Daxamite representative in the Legion. Generally, the abilities of Laurel Gand (and other Daxamites) are identical to those of Superman and other natives of the planet Krypton (super-strength; speed; flight; x-ray, heat, microscopic or telescopic vision powers; invulnerability and super hearing), with three major exceptions:
1. She is vulnerable to the inert element lead, instead of the radioactive element Kryptonite.
2. Lead poisioning is fatal to Daxamites, and Laurel is kept alive only through ingestion of anti-lead serum, such as the one modified by Brainiac 5.
3. In her two pre-Zero Hour incarnations, the radiation of a red star will not rob her of her powers, as it would with most Daxamites and Kryptonians.
I had to use the actual Andromeda galaxy for the BG, it seemed so perfect for this. I also used the real Andromeda galaxy for the uniform. Andromeda wearing Andromeda.
Hope you like it.

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