Saturday, March 30, 2013


She is a member of the Legion Academy on 30th Century New Earth. Dragonwing appears in 19 issues. When several Legionnaires are presumed dead, Dragonwing and her classmates find themselves suddenly bumped up to active Legionnaire status. Dragonwing has the ability to exhale several dangerous chemicals from her mouth at high speeds   She is able to breathe fire like a flamethrower or can spit successive streams of acid venom at her opponents.  
I was inspired at the WonderCon yesterday and when I came home this came out of nowhere. I retouched the BG to blend with the character better. This background won the contest "Scenes from a movie” of the website GameArtist. The team was (Ilya Nedyal), Shadows (Steven Chagnon) and Alina Gal who won the gold medal with their vision of Blade Runner.  Since this is purely for fun, personal use only and I'm not making any money with it, I can use BG's as long as I give the artist the deserved credit. I'm sure if I ever have to do this for a living or get hired to do similar work I'm gonna have to find the time to produce my own BGs. In the mean time my mission of drawing every single legionnaire goes on...

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