Monday, July 15, 2019

Legion of Super Heroes group shot SDCC 2019

Hey Legion of Super Heroes fans, I will have a limited 14 prints of this Legion group shot in 24"x36" by popular demand, only at Comic Con, $60 each SDCC special. 
You can find me at Hall A, Aisle 600 D4. Between Wednesday and Friday only.

After San Diego Comic Con 2019, IF I have any left, I'll sell them online starting on July 23rd on my website for $70 each. I've added a few characters since last year btw. You can actually see the characters much better at this size.

Long Live the Legion!


Anonymous said...

Love your work. But, didn't you forget Color Kid? You missed him on the previous poster as well.

Can't wait for your take on the new Legion by Bendis.

Tommy T said...

Yes, Color Kid still on my list of characters to do.