Thursday, September 26, 2013


He first appeared in Superboy #216 (April 1976), and was created by Cary Bates and Mike Grell. Debuting a year before Black Lightning, he is one of DC's first black costumed superheroes. Tyroc's superpower was his reality warping screams, which he could use to create dimensional portals, force fields, transmute objects, freeze objects, burn objects or simply destroy them. He could also teleport himself and at least one other person, although the exact limits of this ability were unknown. The effects and range of his powers were consistent when he first appeared, but later seemed to vary with the writer. Later writers often treated his power as simply being a "sonic scream" similar to that of Black CanaryTyroc could fly using either his own inherent powers (as seen in his first appearance before joining the Legion) or using his Legion flight ring. 
I went over and changed a few things on the original BG, it's called "Future City" by Robert Brown.
I was debating on doing Tyroc's original costume or the animated one James Tucker redesign for the show.
I ended up having fun character designing. And for the first time ever, I added a watermark so people knows where this artwork came from.

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