Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Star Boy

Thom Kallor was born on a orbital satellite over the planet Xanthu in the 30th century. His parents were astronomers and Thom was born with the meta ability to control gravity. Star Boy possesses the ability to control the gravitational force of an object. He does so by borrowing the gravity from stars and redirecting this force onto a designated area. He can sink cities and pinpoint it to objects smaller than pebbles. He is capable of drawing enough mass to create a black hole by recreating the weight of a collapsing star. Thom wears a suit crafted together by three different Brainiac 5's that is a map of the multiverse. It is fine tuned so that Thom's mass induction ability when properly applied can create small wormholes into these realities or transport himself. It is a skill he has yet to refine. Of course there is the whole love affair with Dream Girl that ended not so good and cost him to get expelled from the Legion. The Star Boy of Earth Prime differed from other realities in that he was of African descent. On new Earth he decided to defend Opal City like the Starmen before him. He even took on their codename as Starman. Shortly thereafter, his heroic efforts in Opal caught the attention of the reformed Justice Society of America and Thom was recruited.

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