Friday, October 29, 2010

Green Jackolantern

I always enjoy creating my own alien Green Lantern CORPS. Someday, when I can afford the luxury of free time, I'll create my own original GL CORPS gallery. In the meantime it seemed very appropriate to come up with some Halloween looking post. So ladies and gentleman I'll give you the Green Jackolantern.
It also seemed appropriate to draw it in the Gil Kane style, since he was one of my favorite Green Lantern artist when I was a kid. And yes, since I'm no BG artist I got that one from a video game. I re-touched the tree in the foreground, it was too flat.
Btw, why is every green lantern right handed, did I miss something? About freaking time we see a lefty.
For those comic book illiterate folks click on the link below to find out what the Green Lantern CORPS are:

Click here for the Green Lantern Corps link

And of course I gotta say something Halloween related...
Jack-o-lantern smiling bright. Witches flying in the night. Ghosts and goblins, cats and bats. Witches with their funny hats. A full moon can't be beat. As we go out to Trick or Treat...Happy Halloween!!

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