Friday, August 29, 2008

Dr. Feelgood Comic Book

In 1997 I was called by Shaun McLaughlin (the producer from the New Batman and Superman Adventures at that time) He asked me if I wanted to do a comic book for Motley Crue, since he knew I was a Motley Fan. His friend also named Shaun was the art director for Motley Crue at the Generation Swine Tour and was looking for a fast comic book artist. They asked me to do a comic book from a script based on the Dr. Feelgood song in "four" days, since the band was already on tour. My comic images would be shown during the rest of the tour on the big screens on each side of the stage each time Motley played that song.
It was very difficult to complete my new assignment since I was already working full time for Warner Brothers designing characters for a Superman episode and doing some storyboards freelance for a Batman episode. It was also my first time doing storyboards for WB and I wanted to impress Bruce Timm by doing a good job, no pressure.
Later after I started, I got a call asking me to do it in "two" days. So I drank coffee like water, didn't sleep for two days and got everything done and shipped on time. I probably did 35 comic panels in 15 hours listening to the Dr. Fellgood song over and over.
The panels were in black and white due to the lack of time. I was inspired by my comic book artists heroes a that time, Jaime Hernandez and Jordi Bernet.
A week later I got a giant check from Motley Crue to me for $ 6,000 dollars. I think it was my best paid comic book work ever.
I wish I had a copy from that check, it was awesome. I spend everything on my drum kit the next day at Guitar Center in Hollywood.
Here are some of those panels.
Thanx Tommy, Nikki, Vince and Mick I would never forget it. I only wish I had a chance to meet you guys and do some more work for the band...maybe some day.

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