Saturday, May 03, 2008

Doc. Samson

Doc Samson first appeared in the Incredible Hulk #141 (Jul 1971)
Leonard Samson was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He became a college professor and psychiatrist. After Robert Bruce Banner was temporarily cured of being the Hulk by siphoning off the gamma radiation that caused his transformations, Samson—who had been working with Banner/Hulk in his job as a psychiatrist—exposed himself to some of the siphoned radiation, causing his hair to become green and granting him superhuman strength proportionate to its length, reminiscent of his biblical namesake. (His power level has since stabilized to the point that it doesn't matter how long his hair is.) Shortly afterward, his flirting with Betty Ross caused a jealous Banner to re-expose himself to radiation, becoming the Hulk once more to battle Samson.

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